[Wallon] Alys Wallon

Young Lady, Eldest Daughter


Alys Wallon, age 17, is her father’s oldest daughter and much like her older brother has inherited, fortunately for her, much of her father’s charms and looks. Though not exactly stunning she carries herself with a grace and pride which goes well with her height, slender frame and sharp features. Dark chestnut coloured hair, often artfully braided, reaches her shoulders and contrasts well her hazy green-greyish eyes, though these are surprisingly sharp and intense. Beyond a small scar down her left cheek Alys has no clear blemishes, though her face is perhaps a little too sharp, much like her father’s.

Not only in appearance does Alys take after her father for she is a charismatic and likable person with a soft reassuring way about her. Whether or not she is hiding a sharp mind is hard to tell, though she usually comes off as a little clumsy, though only in a charming way. She has also proven herself to be as dignified and correct a lady as any lord could wish for.


The Bywaters spent a not inconsiderable amount of time in the company of the young Wallons and came on at least friendly terms with the young lady Wallon. Though mostly spectating they also had the time for pleasant small-talk if no in depth conversation. All in all however little was garnered about her background and character beyond that of being an interesting marriage prospect.

Disposition/Percieved Disposition:
Danced with Walton Dulver, Dunstan Tullison and Alain Bywater during the Feast of Champions.
Unknown whether or not she favours any one in particular.

[Wallon] Alys Wallon

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