[Ashford] Ser Robert Ashford

Knight of Ashford, Second Son of Lord Ashford, "Red Rob Ashford"


Robert Ashford, underneath his mane of curled red hair, look much the epitome of a young reacherman, beautiful with soft clean lines yet built like a warrior best at home in the saddle. The second son of lord Ashford and in his 24th year Robert is a man in the prime of his life, blessed with both strength of arms and pleasant soft features. He isn’t particularly tall, standing of rather middling height, but his chest is broad and his frame that of a solid warrior. His face is best described as delicate, his features soft and a little childish, yet certainly not without their charms. Like his father his chin is short and sharp, giving the face a warm heart shape further underlined by the neatly trimmed beard he keeps along the line of his jaw. Like many in his family he is also heavily freckled, a particularly prominent streak trailing across the ridge of his nose. Set fairly far apart Roberts eyes have an open and inquisitive quality to them, their deep amber tinged with a faint greenness probably inherited from his mother. Framing this bright and friendly face is a shock of hair in a deep fiery red which, when the sun casts its rays upon it, gains a sheen much like the colours of house Ashford itself. The hair curls markedly, reaching down to slightly below Robert’s shoulders.

As far as clothing is concerned Robert is mostly seen in hues and shade of orange, red and white, reflecting the colours of his father and mother both. He is fond of half cloaks, particularly in orange, but looks equally at home in hunting garbs or in full armour. His finest suit, a full plate set of armour, bears the sun of Ashford in gold upon silver and his personal shield displays the heraldry of Ashford with two red apples added below the white sun. After the Tournament at the Bywater Greens he also carries a most striking sword named “Blood Brother” which he took as his price after his shared victory in the tournament. The glittering blade, crafted by a Bravoosi master, is forged with a core of Valyrian Steel, giving the metal a slightly darker tint, and the words “Brothers and Blood” read down the length of the blade. In the pommel there has been set an amethyst and the crossguard carries a warm ruby.

Robert is to his friend a man of easy mirth and smiles, though he can easily take offence and takes unkindly to those who does not know their place. Though kind and friendly at most times he does appear a little air-headed, quick to forgetting and equally quick to take interesting in something new. He has a curious nature which would have made him an excellent scholar and student if only his intellect matched his interest. But as it does not however it makes him a somewhat half-baked student at best, enthusiastic and interested yet quick to forget and hardly interested in the finer details of debates.


Perceived background:
Born in Ashford during the days of the last Targaryen king it is perhaps not surprising that ser Robert has not encountered our intrepid heroes prior to more recent events. It is known that he served as squire to his older cousin Bryan Fossoway and gained his spurs at the age of eighteen after the Battle of Ashford were he fought in the vanguard alongside several others of his family. Beyond this, very little indeed is known of him yet.

Past interaction:
The Bywater’s first encountered Robert at Market Town where he and his sister visited during that memorable Market Day. There he proved pleasant company before the chaos of the last day erupted, during which he safely escorted his charge away. They learned to know him better at the Tourney at the Bywater Greens where he and Braedon especially became better acquainted. He fought with great skill in both tourney and melee before standing for Darryn Dannett in the Trial by Seven at Waterdeep, later known as the “Trial of Brothers and Blood” because the gods were to judge which of the original Dannett brother’s had the truest claim. In the joust he also shared the first place with Ser Braedon Bywater, choosing the longsword “Blood Brother” as his price.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, he treat in a civilized and friendly manner though they have hardly talked.
Braedon, he has in a short developed a bond with and seem to view him as a firm friend.
Duncan, he has not meet.
Thorben, he has not talked too beyond some courtesies.
Vermillion, what he feels on him remains unknown.

[Ashford] Ser Robert Ashford

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