[Bywater] Daeron Rivers

Aemon's Bastard, Young Daeron, Second Bastard of Bywater


Young Daeron Rivers is a young boy whose exact age remains unknown but who likely is 14 years of age or thereabout. He is tall for his age as many of the Bywater men, standing nearly one meter eighty already, and after a few months of regular feeding and training at Waterdeep he is starting to look a little less scrawny. His shoulders are broad and his young arms long and wiry, stronger than one would expect. His lanky legs lend him a surprising speed be it while running or when swimming, both of which he seems to relish. He moves in the hurried and light way of many boys his age, always off to explore this or have a look at that, his only issue seemingly to stand still for prolonged periods of time. When dressed up in his new black tunic with white tights and a yellow undershirt he is indeed starting to look the part of a young lordling. Braedon has also noted that while he hasn’t been allowed his own arms nor armour yet he does carry his practise sword with the poise and strength of a warrior born.

It is his facial features however which really marks him as a relative to the Bywaters of Waterdeep and no others, indeed it is no surprise many seem to think him Alain or Daeron’s bastard son. Long softly curled hair the colour of beaten gold graces his head, reaching in falling cascades down to his shoulders and a few strands seemingly always getting into his face. His face is a little on the gaunt side, with deep set eyes and sharp clear lines almost regal in appearance. His nose is a little small and perked, sitting over a narrow mouth that he shares with Alain. But it is his eyes more than anything which reveals his heritage, sharp green and speckled with hints of gold and silver like stars across the midnight sky. They are attentive young eyes, sharp and piercing like those of Lord Daeron yet clearer and undimmed by age or hardship. They are quick to smile and rarely rest in one place, always moving, observing and studying.

Despite his youth young Daeron has seen much hardship and many horrors, making the young lad surprisingly silent and calm for his age. Indeed he often appear almost a little laconic and surprisingly focused, setting to any task given him with zeal and enthusiasm, qualities which makes the similarities with Lord Daeron and Alain even more striking. Indeed, as Braedon has discovered, there seems like no task ever daunt him and he seems equally pleased cleaning a suit of armour as he is training in it. Despite this however he is still a young boy, infinitely curious and with a passion for exploring which he constantly pursues. He is also surprisingly optimistic and enthusiastic about his prospects, perhaps why he was willing to put his fate so completely in the hands of a family which he has never known. Young Daeron appears completely dedicated to the new path set before him by Lord Daeron, to become a knight, an pursues it with a zeal rare in most boys his age.


Perceived background:
According to his own tale young Daeron seems to have been born far to the north near Fairmarket in the Riverlands to the young daughter of a ferryman. She was not married, making her boy a bastard, but told the young boy his father was a great knight of a powerful house. If the boy is to be believed his father did also return on several occasion, providing for the family and making sure both mother and child was treated well. Thus young Daeron grew up, starting to help his grandfather in the boats when he came of age, as well as helping around the little family farm. In particular he seems to fondly remember his father’s returns, embellished with all the sweetness only a child’s mind can conjure up, and he claims to have been taught how to wield a bow by his father.

Grief came however, as it does in most stories, when the fires of war licked across the Kingdoms. During the War the family was singled out as Targaryen supporters and massacred, except Daeron and his mother who fled southwards before the soldiers came. Hardship and many difficulties followed, of which young Daeron has said little, though the two seems to have kept slowly moving south. After his mother passed away two years hence he kept wandering alone, remembering her last words of finding the family Bywater. Finally, at Garton where a great tourney was held, he found those he was looking for, though through the most unlikely of circumstances.

Past interaction:
The young Bywaters first encountered Daeron Rivers in Garton where he claimed to be Alain’s bastard son, having been ordered to do so by an unknown enemy. It seemed someone had found the boy on the road, recognized his features and taken him for the expressed purpose of tarnishing house Bywater. After clearing up the confusion however the young Bywater’s decided to take him in on account of his striking Valyrian features and consulting with Lord Daeron. Lord Bywater took a keen interest in the boy and soon discerned his true heritage, namely as the bastard son of Aemon Bywater, the lords youngest brother. A bastard son whose existence he had quite possibly suspected over many years. The young boy was taken with the family back to Castle Waterdeep where he was allowed to stay, firstly set to aiding Maester Thorben when necessary. Later he was given over in the care of Ser Braedon as his squire with the instructions of making him into a passable knight. Surprisingly trusting he has turned out an excellent squire so far, both diligent and strong.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, after their first rather embarrassing meeting Alain has not paid the boy much attention.
Braedon, he seem to both admire and respect immensely.
Duncan, he has been spying on (not very successfully) on several occasions.
Thorben, he seems to like and he appears curious about the maester’s research.
Vermillion, he seems very curious about, yet not quite daring to approach.

[Bywater] Daeron Rivers

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