[Bywater] Ser Aryn Beesburry

Bannerman of the Griffons, Cousin, "Old Wry"


The men of Waterdeep call Ser Aryn Beesbury “Old Wry” and it is a nickname well earned. He is a thin and lanky warrior in his thirty-eight year, and while certainly past his prime he is still a solid man and still deadly sharp with a blade. Indeed his movements are very much those those of an old warrior, precise and calm. While not the strongest amongst the Griffons he is lithe and quick, with long slender limbs and dexterous hands. His body carries the marks of a long life by the sword, with scars, bruises and old wounds criss-crossing his limbs and torso. No scar however is as pronounced as that which graces his face, and which earned him his nickname. A stray tourney lance once hit him in the face, crushing his right jaw and tearing up the cheek and chin, leaving him horribly scarred. The skin in torn and ragged, covered in swelters of scar-tissue which twists the skin of his right side into an odd grimace while the ear is completely gone, leaving but a stump. The jaw, though it somewhat healed, was twisted and broken, leaving his speech slightly impaired and making chewing a hard and slobbering affair. The face, despite the damage, is however what one would call noble, with a determined mouth, smallish nose and hard set chin. A receding line of oily black hair crowns it, the hair usually kept combed back tight along the skull. As a whole these features gives the face an austere and stern look, qualities reflected in his grey eyes. Ser Aryn’s eyes are hard, and many a squire has learned to fear them, for the steely grey depths turn to flaming, molten wroth as quickly as they do glittering smiles. Yet they are the eyes of a man one can rely on, hard, unyielding and above all steadfast.

As a warrior and knight of the Griffon Aryn is most commonly seen in light padded jerkins or lighter, haunting garbs. He seems to prefer these when about his duties, but that said he seems equally at home in finery. At such times as it should be required he wears finely tailored tunics in a vibrant golden a shade brighter than that of Bywater, contrasted with deep black tights, hoses and other garments. His very finest tunic, once made for his wedding way, carries a striped pattern of black and yellow with the arms of Beesbury down the centre. His arms too are well made and solid, consisting of a sturdy brigandine with plates and chainmail covering the rest of his body. When riding with the griffons he also dons a surcoat in black with his personal heraldry at the front. As his personal heraldry he carries the arms of house Beesbury, three beehives on a field of black and vibrant gold, but with a silver rose at the center instead of the third beehive.

Never know for his humour Aryn is a firm, serious and reliable man whose main concern is serving the family he has grown to love. In this he is exemplary, combining patience and hard work with the independence and intelligence to see his lord’s words fulfilled. Many long conflicts has seen him grow into a seasoned and skilled leader of men, one who cares deeply for their wellbeing, yet who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices. And while it is Sandor Hunt and Braedon Bywater who leads the Griffons into the fray nowadays Aryn is likely a more able commander than both. Yet he is a humble man with few ambitions, loyal to a fault and a lifelong friend for those whom he favours. He is also a passable teacher, and while strict he also knows when to praise a student’s achievement.

That said he has little patience for the incompetent or anything else really, and his temper can at times be dangerously hot. Quick to anger and confrontation he prefers simple solutions to his problems, making him a poor player of politics, and at times his wroth can cloud his otherwise sound judgement, in matters of war as much as matters of family. Aryn is furthermore overly fond of drinking, something he does with relish and once drunk he shows very little restraint. A common joke amongst Bywater residents is that he must be cursed by the Mother, for no matter how fertile the young wench he has yet to father a bastard. Despite these flaws however Ser Aryn remains one of house Bywater’s most trusted servant, loyal and dedicated above all else.


Ser Aryn Beesbury, 4th son of lord Ben Beesbury, is Daeron’s cousin on his father’s side who since his twenty-first year have served with the Bywaters as a knight amongst the Griffons. He was born at Honeyholt, the ancestral home of house Beesbury, in 250 AC and as the fourth son he was always destined to a life by either lance or maester’s chain. Having little aptitude for learning he took to the lance from an early age, serving Ser Owen Costayne as a page and later Ser Duncan Bywater as squire.
He and his three cousins, Daeron, Maelys and Aemon, have long shared a friendship and especially Maelys, whom he travelled and tourneyed with in his younger years, has a fast friendship with him. So strong was the bond that Aryn even agreed to tutor and train Maelys’ bastard as his page and later squire, though it won him little good-will with the Lady Chester. He was also an important figure in the training of both Aeron, Braedon and Alain Bywater.

It during one of their many journeys and the Tourney for the King’s Anniversary in 272 AC that Aryn took a lance to the head from Ser Eldon Estermont in the joust. The helmet caved in and as a result the metal and lance nearly tore of half of Ser Aryn’s face. Though it took him nearly a year to recuperate Ser Aryn eventually returned to the ranks of the Griffons, more fearsome then ever.

Aryn has thus always had an honour place amongst the people of Waterdeep, and in his twenty-fourth year he was promoted to bannerman. Quickly becoming a trusted servant of his cousin Lord Daeron Bywater Aryn was ever present by his lords side as he worked to raise the house’s fortunes, and as the War of the Usurper set the realm ablaze he rode at the head of the Griffons in every engagement. It was Aryn who carried the Bywater’s banner at Ashford where he slew the two Penrose twins in single combat. He also led part of the Bywater forces as Queensburry, refusing the quite the field even after a crossbow bolt had struck him in the upper arm. And though the war was eventually lost Ser Aryn Beesbury remained loyally besides his cousins, determined to serve his adopted home to his last breath.

As far as his private life goes it is a far less glamourous tale. Ser Aryn is married to Betony Costayne and with her he has two children, Terrance Beesbury and Lillian Beesbury. Though originally housed within the castle itself the family lives in a sizable house on Iglan Island. Aryn, and increasingly also his son Terrance, spends little time there however, preferring the housing set aside for the Griffons within the castle itself. Aryn and Betony meet first in their youth and things quickly spiralled into a torrid love affair that luckily resulted in no bastards. They wed shortly after Aryn won his spurs, and at first things seemed rosy, yet with time their relationship turned strained and then downright sour. Quite what soured things is hard to tell, yet Aryn’s serious demeanour and perhaps his love of strong drink could probably go some way to explain the problems.

Past interaction:
It has been with the mix of melancholy and approval which old age brings that Ser Aryn has seen the younger generation of Bywater’s take a more active role in the world around them. He has had but a limited role in their adventures, with the exception of their journey to the Sept of the Shattered Rock. Going with them to safeguard the expedition he played but a minor role in the negotiations, and on the return he went ahead to secure transport, thus not taking part in the young Bywater’s memorable encounter with Dugan the Red and his bandits.

Ser Aryn was also one of the few at Bywater which seemed happy at the return of Vermillion Hill, having grown fond of the youth during the time he trained him in knightly arts. Vermillion’s coldness and disinterest in him however seems to have both angered and hurt Beesbury.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, he is fond but still treats him strictly. Grooms him for command and as a warrior as best he can.
Braedon, he somewhat seem to dislike for his easy ways and what Aryn view as a streak of laziness.
Duncan, he seem to honestly enjoy and respect as a fellow warrior and drinker.
Thorben, too he seems to enjoy the company off, their shared sense of duty perhaps the course off it.
Vermillion, once squired for Beesburry who, though initially resenting the task, took a liking to the young man. Though seemingly resolved to like him at their reunion Vermillion’s behaviour has apparently left Beesburry angry.

[Bywater] Ser Aryn Beesburry

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