[Chester] Ser Ralph Chester

Heir to Greenshield, Little Cousin, the Swimming Bear


Cousin Ralph, twenty three years of age, is not a man one would call handsome, that much is for certain. He has a long and not particularly handsome face, dominated by a stout nose, two broad fleshy lips and a pair of deep set eyes so deep a blue that they almost border on blackish. His hair is fairly short, a confused tangle of chestnut-brown locks which grows down into a pair of sizable sideburns and then follow the jawline to form a short-kept jaw-beard and a mustache. His ears poke out too, a far from handsome trait. Yet he is large and muscular, built more like a woodsman than a noble, and is strong as an ox, traits which to him matters far more than being fair of features. He moves in a heavy manner, sturdy and hardy. When it comes to clothing Ralph prefer simply, sturdy pieces and dislikes fineries which he feels uncomfortable in. He is often seen in tall leather boots and leather jerkins, as well as usually carrying a medal shaped like a dragon in silver.

Ralph is a rather simple man, at least so it seems, and has no need for the finer things in life. A woman on his lap, a mug of ale in his hand and a tourney every now and then, perhaps a hunt, and Cousin Ralph seems very much content. He is slow to anger and fairly laid back by nature, but takes his own skills quite seriously and dislikes being belittled. He is also at times dangerously blunt, disliking the twists and turns of courtly life, preferring instead blunt and to the point retorts. His memory is known to be absolutely terrible.


Cousin Ralph is well known to the Bywaters as they have meet several times as they grew up and, as Ralph is perhaps the most amiable of his siblings, they have developed a good relations. Ralph and Aeron especially have long been friends and since Aeron started serving at Greenshield even more so. But from their multiple encounters on various family occasions most of the Bywater bloodline knows him. He squired for the Grimm of Greyshield. Next in line for his house he has proved himself a solid knight, but sadly a far less than ideal administrator.

[Chester] Ser Ralph Chester

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