[Dannett] Iris Dannett

Last Child of Alfric Dannett, the Queen of Queensburry, Harlot


Iris is a young woman in full bloom, eighteen years old and already considered one of the most beautiful young girls in the Cocklesvale. She is of middling height, slim but not frail, and blessed with ample and pleasing forms. Golden blond tresses fall down well past her shoulders, thick ringlets touching the small of her back, and frames a soft and naturally friendly face, a pair of rich lips and two attentive grey eyes. Her eyes are particularly attractive, large and doe like, giving her an air of both innocence and temptation, depending on her mood. While certainly a pretty thing much of Iris’ appeal comes from the way she carries herself, back sharp and clean-cut chin held high. Of late she seems to have become particularly fond of a plain yet neat grey dress with crimson bands and a small cloak, line with ermin and embroidered with the bitter apple of house Dannett.

Iris, despite her experiences, carries herself with a surprising amount of dignity and it suits her. She is well breed and correct, perhaps almost a tad stiff with those she have meet since her return, but pleasant enough. Though, as demonstrated at Highgarden, she can be both sensual and tempting she seems to prefer the role of the dignified lady, hinting perhaps to no small measure of vanity. She is brave, brave enough to face up to her story before the entire court, and if judging by recent events not one to hold onto a grudge.


The young Bywaters and company met Iris Dannett for the first time in Highgarden in the guise of a simple prostitute. She was masquerading as such after having run away from home to avoid an unwanted marriage. After her brothers poisoning she stepped forward to reveal herself and accuse the young Bywaters, though the Gods disapproved this.
Returning home the Bywaters recently meet her at the Market Day of Market Town where Alain cordially apologized to her and got one in return.

While Tygor Wyl seems utterly smitten by her it is unknown if Iris truly returns this affection.

[Dannett] Iris Dannett

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