[Dannett] Alfric Dannett

The Lord of Queensburry, The Last Brother, Old Pome


Lord Alfric Dannett is a man of 47, yet he appears a man of at least sixty. The broad solid frame that once belonged to a stout warrior has sunk into the stooped and haggard body of an old man long since chained to his cane. Even if hard to place there is something faintly sickly about him, as if some sickness is stalking his every step. Though once a tall man Alfric now appears of ordinary height as his head has sunk down between his hunched shoulders. He does however still have the face of a nobleman, surprisingly strong and with kind wrinkled lines that reminds one of a pleasant grandfather. His eyes are deep set in a colour of deep, warm brown though the bags underneath them gives the impression of a man who does not sleep well. His sparse remaining hair has turned prematurely white, as has his beard which he seems to let grow rather freely. A prominent nose, made all the more prominent by the deep furrows flanking it, sits over a full mouth whose broad lips gives the impression of quivering easily. He has a face which still retains the haunting signs of vanished beauty, made all the more tragic by its current state of exhaustion. Lord Dannett’s clothing however is impeccable and well suited for the Lord of Queensburry Castle. He seem to prefer vestments of grey, kept loose and with gilded details, over which he wears a heavy cloak in dashing crimson red, detailed with gold and silver. His golden amulet, an heirloom in the family, display the Pomegranate of the Dannett’s held up by the Maiden and the Warrior.

The Lord of Queensburry, despite his apparent physical decline still displays all the determination and fierceness of his younger self. Indeed, perhaps more so than ever before he is stubborn, strong-willed and difficult in most things. Though once known for his pleasant manners he has in recent years become more of an argumentative and difficult old man.
In truth Alfric is very close to despair, tethering on the brink of simply giving up on everything. All left to him after his son died is to fight for his daughter’s future, a daughter he isn’t certain cares for him anymore. Still he fights stubbornly on and refuses to admit his troubles, willing to die rather than face that disgrace.


[Dannett] Alfric Dannett

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