[Dannett] Ser Derryn Dannett

Son of Sanfred Dannett, Heir to Queensburry, Derryn the Dashing


Ser Derryn Dannett is a young knight now in his 19st year and carries many of the hallmarks of his line, amongst them quite the decent looks. He is a little on the short side but solid and sturdy of build, clearly trained from an early age. His arms are a little long but his limbs are generally fairly slender, his hands particularly fine and dexterous. Sitting upon a solid, thick neck is a sharp head with a firm jaw line, a prominent chin and high cheekbones, all which serves to give his face a strong quality. Indeed he seems almost a little lordly, especially in profile, though his nose is perhaps a little too round and a tad bit too short. Crowning the head is a mane of strong, slightly curled and very soft looking curls a colour best described as straw-blond, mingling with darker shades in places. His eyes are a shade of faint, almost hazy green with a hint of grey, though they often seem a little wet. His left eye is also noticeably smaller than the right hand one, marring slightly otherwise very handsome features. Further marring his appearance is a very feeble attempt at growing facial hair, a sparse collection of blond hairs gathering on his upper lip and slightly more along his chin.
Being not yet a man of means the young Derryn wears simple clothing befitting of a hedge knight. Often he is found in a thick grey woollen shirt with a short sleeved vestment over it, the vest embroidered in artful patterns along the arms. Though it should ideally been red the vest is but brown with embroideries of fake gold thread. When armed and armoured however Derryn wears a tabard of grey with his own heraldry of a red apple pierced by two red arrows, a heraldry matched on his shield.

Derryn Dannett is a young noble not quite raised as one, something which shows through in his rather simple manners and direct way of being. He is mostly kind hearted however, generally friendly to those he meet and able to talk with both high and low with equal respect, a rare gift indeed. The young man is swift to anger however with a fierce temper, a strong sense of honour and a bad habit of taking things too literally.


Little is known of Derryn’s past except that he grew up somewhere in the Vale and is trained as a knight, as well as being knighted.

[Dannett] Ser Derryn Dannett

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