[Draken] Cecilia Draken

Daughter of Lionel Draken, A Blind Girl


Cecilia Draken, now in her 17th year, is a young lady of clean features, an innocent demeanour and a soft almost frail build. A soft well-chiselled face and gentle features are framed by soft hey-brown hair which falls down to the small of her back in a faint wave. Her nose is perhaps a tad long and slightly perked, but it is by no means a demeaning trait, situated over a full yet quite small mouth. Her eyes, situated under a pair of marked eyebrows, are a soft tone of pale chestnut-brown but tinged with a faint hazy quality and the distinctive lack of focus of one that does not see. Her faces true beauty however lies not in its features but the wealth of emotions it is able to convey for when Cecilia smiles she really smiles and when we looks sad it can break the stoutest heart.
Of body she isn’t exactly small, but quite frail and slim, without much in the way of bust or womanly shapes. Due to her current situation she is only ever seen wearing the novice garments of the Septry, a simple rough-spun dress without embellishment or blazon, hardly distinguishable from the one worn by the older septas. All forms of jewellery and such is also banned at the septry, thus she carries none.

As far as the three travellers who meet her have been able to discern Cecilia Draken is a very soft spoken, gentle and innocent soul. She was brought up well and has a pleasant way about her which makes conversation flow and makes for excellent company. Most of what she does and says is tinged with a hint of melancholy, yet she has shown herself both cheerful and bright. She does however seem utterly innocent and inexperienced with the world, as can be expected.


Young Matrim Morr meet Cecilia Draken at the Septry of the Shattered Rock as he and Aeron sought refuge there. They talked much and he learned she had become blind at an early age. Later, after much talk, he lost control and spent the night with her.

It seems she may like Matrim.

[Draken] Cecilia Draken

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