[Bywater] Duncan Firegrave

Sworn sword at the service of House Bywater


Even though Duncan is of high birth, one would never guess that by looking at him. Years of living among rouges, thieves and other low-lives have washed away the nobility of his features, he only remnant of his old self being his dark olive skin that reveals his Dornish origins.
The man looks tired, and truth be told he is. His best years are behind him and the gods have not been kind to him, his tired black eyes are always looking for shadows lurking in dark corners and he never appears to be comfortable, not even in his light sleep.
He’s the epitome of practicality when it comes to his clothes, simple leathers, a black cape and even an old breastplate that he wears most of the time, even if there’s no apparent danger.

In the rare occasions that he attends court he can be seen wearing dornish robes with the shield of House Firegrave. The only thing that might distinguish him from a regular sell sword.



Very few know why Duncan Firegrave is at the service of Lord Bywater, and even fewer care. Most confuse him for a hedge knight or a sell sword. Rumors have it that he is the bastard son of Lord Bywater, while others claim that he is an assassin from the free cities, brought to serve as bodyguard for the young Lord Alain. Some even say that he was to marry a high lady of House Bywater but that some terrible incident occurred. The incident itself changes depending on who tells the story, sometimes it’s illness that took her and other times war. Needless to say only the small folk care about such rumors, and whatever the reason it seems that Lord Bywater trusts the man and that seems to be enough for the other noblemen in waterdeep, at least for now.

The “Black Hand”, as he’s often referred to, has no official position or title within house Bywater and so far he’s shown very little interest in the matter. What he does is unclear to most of the people in Waterdeep the topic is highly debated in the kitchens and definitively ignored in court. That’s where his name comes from, he takes care of the dirty work of the noblemen so they don’t have to get their hands dirty, and since the old man doesn’t seem to have any ambitions the other lords simply pretend that he’s another guard. Duncan seems to like that unwritten agreement and spends most of his time chatting with soldiers and guardsmen, sharing a pint of ale and exchanging stories when his services aren’t needed.

While usually and amiable man, he’ll turn stone cold when asked about the demise of his house. He respects strength and loyalty, and values actions over words.

[Bywater] Duncan Firegrave

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