[Tullison] Lord Dunstan Tullison

Lord of Seaton Ross, Young Cockrel


Young lord Dunstan Tullison, age 17, is a young man of easy smiles and a friendly demeanour that makes it hard not to like him. His soft brown hair is half long and always appears somewhat wind-tossed and unkept though this is mostly down to his wavy curls. He isn’t particularly tall but well-built and stronger than most after a life spent playing around in mountains and amongst miners. His features are also strong and well defined, though perhaps a little too broad and rustic to be handsome. His clear, wide and deep blue eyes however is his most defining feature, a pair of deep ponds of blue, which lends him a distinct sweet almost childish look. As far as clothing goes Dunstan seem to favour simple but well-tailored cloth of red and blue, often with a heavy cape, though in truth he seems to be more at home in a leather jerkin and high boots or similar hunting/mountaineering garbs.

Dunstan, though perhaps appearing a little childish, is perhaps a little surprisingly a mature and considered young man who has an easy and pleasant way about it. He rarely complains and is usually positive to most ventures, at times even a little overenthusiastic as Alain Bywater amongst others experienced first-hand.


Dunstan Tullison came to know the young Bywaters at the Kings Tournament of Highgarden and especially Alain learned to know him quite well. In addition to being a fairly constant fellow spectator and drinking crony he also participated, not unskilfully, in the archery competition and the melee, as well as adventuring a little bit around the tourney grounds with Alain.

Disposition/Percieved Disposition:
Seemed to come across especially well with Alain.
Unknown if he has an eye for anyone in particular.
Danced with Lillian Elenion and Alys Wallon amongst others at the Feast of Champions.

[Tullison] Lord Dunstan Tullison

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