[Bywater] Elaena Bywater

Betrothed to Lord Dannett, Youngest Sister and Cousin, Little Lady


Elaena is a small girl for her age, that being fifteen, a little on the frail side but not bad looking. While broad of shoulders like both her father and oldest brother she isn’t particularly tall and her womanhood is slow to bloom, leaving her looking rather petit and youthful. She is also very graceful and lithe, very skilled during her dancing lessons, and has a quick attentive way about her that does perhaps make her seem a little more childish then she really is. Her hair is a beautiful silver tone however; long enough to reach the small of her back when she lets it down and shimmering when the sun strikes it. Often kept in a long braid the hair frames a small, inquisitive face with clear distinct features so typical of her father’s family. Her nose is small and slightly perked, resting over a full mouth. Elaena’s eyes, though perhaps ever so slightly mismatched, are a striking clear green tinted with silver, very much a hallmark of the Bywater line as far as anyone in the Cocklesvale cares to remember. The eyes are quick and attentive in a way that makes her seem almost restless and unlike Lord Bywater her’s are eyes that brim with every emotion that passes through her young mind, sparking when angered and glittering with bliss when laughing.

Elaena, perhaps unlike many girls her age, does not seem particularly interested in dresses or finery. Indeed, it is whispered amongst the soldiery of Castle Waterdeep that the young master cares more for his clothing than does his sister. When she can get away with it she runs about in nothing more than a plain, black cotton dress that invariably gets rather stained after a day’s wear and tear. That is not to say however that Elaena doesn’t know to dress when required and her wardrobe is both well tailored and fashionable. She tends towards lighter and more straightforward costumes however, rather than the long sweeping skirts so in the vague, often preferring to keep her shoulders or sleeves free. As far as colours go she keeps to the traditional black and yellow of house Bywater, though preferring yellow for her dresses, often coupled with white and black adornments. She is also very fond of furs of all kinds, loving nothing more than the heavy winter cloak lined with soft white ermine which her uncle gave her for her thirteenth birthday and she still asks the maester every now and then if there is any winter in sight.

Elaena, perhaps not surprisingly for her age, is prone to swinging moods as she can be kind, ladylike and almost adult at one turn and then childish, stubborn and almost mean at other. She has a slight arrogant streak not unlike two of her older siblings with a determination and stubbornness to match, at times come across as a little difficult. She is however, as many her age, intensely curious about anything and everything, with a great aptitude for learning when she sets her mind to it. Indeed, as long as the topic interest her the Maester has found her a most diligent student. Not particularly shy she is also a competent conversation partner and eloquent in the way many mothers mind altogether adorable.
Perhaps to no one’s surprise she seems to have taken an interest in boys of late. In particular, she is usually seen followed around by her dauntless companion Stephen Cowden and has spent long hours watching the squires of the Griffons train. She appears deeply fascinated by the ideas of knights and warriors, always her favourite stories as a child, though unlike many girls seems less interested in playing the distressed damsel.


Youngest of the Bywater children Elaena Bywater was born in 273 AC at Waterdeep castle, fourth child of Lord Daeron and Lady Leonetta Bywater. The fifteen years since then has hardly been eventful, rather safe and quiet deep in the valley of the Cockleswent. For though her family travelled much she was but eight when the War of the Usurper swept across the land, seeing many houses rise and fall in favour and grandeur. Since the war ended the Bywater’s has travelled little and as such young Elaena knows little of the sights and sounds of the world beyond her home. This has breed a stubborn curiosity in her which has made her not only an avid reader but also an enthusiastic explorer when the chance presented itself. Indeed, so much so that she once got lost in the woodlands east of the castle, only to be found after a length search.

Perhaps naturally when coming from a family living a rather secluded she is deeply attached to most of her siblings and their two cousins. With her brothers she has always been close and her cousins she adore, but Elaena and her sister Rhaena were never on good terms, something which has not improved with time. Indeed, the maids of castle Waterdeep still remember with fondness the time Elaena cut off half her sisters hair while the other slept.

Recent Events:
In 288 AC, for the first time in many years, the entire Bywater family set off to fist visit the Chester household before partaking in the King’s Tourney at Highgarden. Elaena took part in these events with delight, though she was not part of the trouble which befell our young heroes. During the following trip to Market Town however she were thrown into the thick of the action as she suffered from severe poisoning after drinking wine intended for Alain. Her life was only saved by the skills and expertise of Maester Thorben whose presence saw both young Bywater’s make it through the night. Though seemingly none the worse for her experience, and certainly no less curious, Elaena notably has not touched a cup of wine since that time.

She was also a delighted spectator during the Tourney at Bywater Greens, watching the action with an almost professional demeanour and not shying away from watching the melee either. It was however during this event that her betrothal to Derryn Dannett was announced. Though she at first appeared most dissatisfied with her father’s decision she later seemed to have changed her mind after she meet the young knight, so much so that she even granted him her boon during the tournament.

Alain, she is very close too and genuinely like, though she does at times subject him to some good natured teasing.
Braedon, she similarly likes a lot and sometimes jokingly call him “Cousin Scarface”. She often watch him practise.
Duncan, she hardly knows exists.
Thorben, is one of her favourites as she loves his lessons and the books he can supply. She seems to like him even more since Market Town.
Vermillion, she seems conflicted about though they have hardly talked, partly incited by her aunt and brother.

[Bywater] Elaena Bywater

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