[Elenion] Lillian Elenion

Eldest Daughter of Lord Elenion, Stormy Eyes, “Little Witch”


Lillian Elenion is a peculiar girl in her twenty-first year and like her brother she has already been marked by life. She is of a slight build, standing barely one sixty in height with delicate limbs and a slender waist. One could certainly call her frail, an impression compounded by her graceful way of moving and her voice which is ever so soft, like the gentle wind across the moorland of her home. Falling well past her thin shoulders, reaching the small of her back, is a cascade of deep black hair inherited from her mother, usually kept loose across her shoulders. The colour is deep like the midnight skies of a moonless night, yet in strong sunlight it gains a faint silvered sheen further enhanced by several little golden braids she often wears. Nearly lost in this tangle of black is a fairly small, rather round, face with soft yet distinct lines. Her forehead is broad, her nose like her father’s is fairly large and like her father her chin is marked though more rounded than the old warrior. Lillian’s mouth is fairly wide with full, soft lips and a distinct philtrum above it, giving her face a faint expression of surprise. Of note is also her slender neck which would have been ever so beautiful had it not been for the three striking scars which runs across her throat. The three lines are pale against her already pale skin, seemingly the mark of an encounter with some manner of canine’s teeth or perhaps the claws of a large cat.

What has earned Lillian her moniker however is her altogether rather peculiar eyes, eyes which has sent more than one of her new maids reeling back in fear and which makes the smallfolk of Overhang whisper of the “Little Witch in the Castle”. Her left eye is, much like those of her brother and father, an icy blue hinting on grey which gives the colour a cool and steely quality, a hallmark of her family’s ancient bloodline. Yet her right eye is a light amber shade of brown close onto a warm golden colour, almost like the eye of a cat. This peculiar condition, oft called “Stranger’s Eye” or “Cat’s Eye” in the Reach and “Prince’s Gaze” in the Cocklesvale, isn’t marring as such, but most certainly finds it startling at first and lends the local smallfolk to recite the ancient stories of the Winter Prince and his wrights. No matter their coloration however her eyes does hold much of the sharpness and perceptiveness so characteristic of her father, though unlike his they appear mild rather than stern, crowned as they are by softly arched eyebrows.

In the realm of dresses and apparel Lillian appears to favour practical over spectacular, though certainly her choices are for the most part both fitting and beautiful in their calm simplicity. She prefers the warm natural green of her house in most her dresses, often augmented or contrasted with a shimmering black to match her hair or accessory, such as sashes, in pale silvery grey.

At their first encounter Lady Lillian Elenion seemed like a polite and soft girl, perhaps cowed or made weak by her peculiar and unfortunate appearance and condition. And yet after a certain memorable affair it turned out that, quite to the contrary, the young lady was of both a strong-will and in possession of more than a little cynicism. It seems her unfortunate apparel has merely hardened her against the meanness of life, fostering an independence and an ability to remember a slight few girls her age can match. She also seems to be in possession of a sharp intellect and a dangerous tongue to match.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
As far as our young cockerels are aware Lillian has lived a calm and shielded life of luxury, much like themselves, though she spent some years before and during the War with the Horpe’s, her mother’s family. She has however, since an early age, been shunned by the smallfolk and servants due to her peculiar eyes and the legends connected with such eyes.

The young Bywater’s meet her for the first time during the Tournament of the Brothers at Waterdeep during which she was betrothed to Alain Bywater. Though she initially did not seem opposed to this match certain incidents made the fresh relationship sour quickly to the point of cool displeasure.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Though they have hardly had time to talk Lillian seems altogether not pleased with her matching to Alain Bywater, treating him with cold hostility and passive aggressiveness enough to daunt even old grandmother Chester.

As for the other members of our intrepid band it is hard to tell.

[Elenion] Lillian Elenion

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