[Goodferry] Lord Lawren Goodferry

Lord of Saltstone, "The Father"


Lord Lawren Goodferry is a tall and rather lanky man in his 37th year, whose somewhat simple and homely looks does carry a certain charm. He has a rather sharp face with a firm jawline, a noticeable chin and high set cheekbones, all crowned by a long nose. His hairline has receded somewhat, but he still have a mane of lustrous brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. While his face overall gives of an impression of calm strength and firmness his eyes is what really stands outs. Very light amber in colour and with a certain sharp and attentive tint to them they give the otherwise homely face an active and almost hawkish feel to it. Build tall, with broad shoulders, yet being very lanky Lawren is surprisingly fit for a man of his position. He prefer simple garbs to the excessive affairs of most nobles, usually dressing in simple brown and black clothing or simple hunters gear. He does however always seem to carry a necklace with a small silver fish amulet and when the situation demands it he also suits quite well to more formal garbs in flowing blue interlaced with red.

Lawren is known amongst both his friends and his subjects as a kind man with a big heart and an ear for the troubles of others. He seem to genuinely care for those around him, both his family and those whom he rules. A very calm and collected man he knows how to be both polite and make others like him. If anything bad could be said about the Lord of Saltstone it is his tendency for promiscuities and an interest in women which not even he bothers to deny.


Shared a glass with the three knights at the Inn of the Griffon on the Rock

[Goodferry] Lord Lawren Goodferry

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