[Hargrove] Lord Terrance Hargrove

Lord of Preston, Griffonslayer, Mightiest man in the Cocklesreach


Lord Terrance Hargrove is everything a knight should be and has everything any man could wish for, that at the meagre age of 24. He is a very tall man, around one meter-ninety, well-built but rather slim and agile, with finely shaped limbs and a certain grace about him. His face is finely chiselled and shaped with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones crowned by a sharp and straight but not dominant nose. It is a face that speaks of resolve and silent strength, of determination and courage, and it is the kind of face with which very few manage to find flaws. His eyes are chestnut in colour, a calm and collected atmosphere holding sway in them and giving the face a softer and gentler touch. His eyes are surprisingly deep and has made many a maiden swoon as they held her in their strong gaze. His hair is a fierce light brown and kept near shoulder length, wavy half curls complimenting its softness. Terrance has also of late started sporting a small beard, neatly kept and cared for.
As a man of means Terrance seems to enjoy dressing in richly decorated garbs, preferably in deep red and purple, though it is when dressed in full battle armour or in hunting gear he truly looks natural, almost as if he were a warrior born.

Aiding his altogether comely looks and gentle eyes comes a friendly and joyous personality which is quick to make friends and always seems to find something to enjoy. Terrance is known to be magnanimous and kind as a ruler, almost too kind perhaps, and much the same way he comes across in personal encounters as a friendly, curious and positive man. His temper is perhaps not the longest, yet he is quick to forget and forgive, rarely holds a grudge and is quick to admit when he has been at fault.


[Hargrove] Lord Terrance Hargrove

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