[Tullison] Ivy Tullison

Young Lady, Sister of the Lord to Seaton Ross, Renowned Beauty


Lady Ivy Tullison of Seaton Ross is one of the most bespoken beauties of the Cockleswent region, and rightly so. Graceful like a willow and yet quick and lithe she is already a woman almost fully bloomed, though only 16 years of age, and while old ladies perhaps would note that she is built too frail and delicate to carry strong sons most men seems not to notice this failing. Regal yet delicate of features her mouth is small yet full, her nose slightly perked and all of it framed by long, flowing raven-black tresses. Her expression has a tendency for playfulness and gentle humour, much like her brother, which only serves to further soften her otherwise clean cut features. What truly makes her stand out however is her blue eyes, for where they lend her brother an innocent and almost childish quality they are, once set within the frame of raven-hair, almost hypnotically beautiful. Clear deep blue like the reflection of the starlit night sky in a mountain pond and yet glittering alive like a sapphire of the deep mines Ivy Tullison’s eyes can charm without a word being spoken.

Her personality goes well with her features, for she is charming and friendly, much like her brother, yet where he is enthusiastic she is far more controlled and calm. She has shown to be almost cold at times, yet is seemingly at heart a lively and energetic person. As far as clothing goes Ivy, much like her brother, seems to favour simple yet well-made and thought-out designs with blue, red and white as the primary colours. She has, as of yet, not worn much jewellery.


The young Bywaters made the acquaintance of Ivy Tullison during the King’s Tournament at Highgarden and she sat with them several times on the stands. She also got to know young Alain better through a walk they shared in the gardens and the two dinners. He even dedicated his victory in the archery competition to her.

Disposition/Percieved Disposition:
Seemed to come across well with Alain.
Unknown is she fancies anyone in particular.
Danced with Alain Bywater, Aeron Bywater and Walton Dulver amongst others at the Feast of Champions.

[Tullison] Ivy Tullison

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