[Ashford] Jacklyn Ashford

Betrothed of Ser Braedon, Youngest Daughter, "Freckleface"


Jacklyn Ashford, now in her 18th year, is a young lady in bloom, not exactly pretty though not unseemly either. Her figure is well shaped, slim and fairly tall as she is well within the 170 cm ratio, though while slim she isn’t exactly frail. Rather her shoulders are fairly broad and her legs are long, slender but strong, all to her mother’s chagrin. Though her beauty is regularly bemoaned by her mother, aunt and grandmother most would agree young Jacklyn isn’t an altogether bad match. Her face is heart shaped and a little long, like many in her family, with a sharp nose, a pretty little mouth and marked eyebrows. Her eyes are actually quite pretty as well, blue so pale it borders on grey with a hint of green, and they have a gentleness and shyness to them which makes her seem very feminine. Her features are marred slightly by her smile, which isn’t as straight as one could wish and composed of teeth that are a little too large. But her biggest beauty flaw, at least as her sisters see it, is that she has been subjected to a heavy dash of freckles, both in her nose ridge, forehead and cheeks as well as her shoulders, arms and chest. Framing her face is a fierce mane of lush light red hair, inherited from her father, almost as orange as the colours of her house, which she often braids in various fashionable ways.

As far as fashion is concerned Jacklyn seems to be fairly well informed her clothing usually well-tailored and fashionable, just as one can expect from a lady of her standing. In particular she has taken to using tailors from Tumblestone, renowned for their skills with dyes. Colour-wise she favours lighter shades, often contrasted with white, and notably the sharp, warm orange of her house as well as slightly more muted shades of red and light browns. She has also shown some interest in the art of hunting, wearing a simpler and courser dress on such occasions as well as the required hunting accessories such as an archery glove made from soft doeskin and an armbrace of boiled leather.

Jacklyn appeared a shy and timid girl, soft spoken and mostly silent, perhaps the product of having so many older siblings. This proved to be partly true, though when given the time and chance the proved far more proactive and shrewd then she first appeared. Indeed, during her and Braedon’s little tryst during a recent hunt she even proved quite talkative as she moved past her initial timidity. At this occasion she also displayed an interest in hunting the seven’s little creatures rather than merely observing them, proving both a skilled archer and a capable rider. Indeed one could wonder if she in truth ever was as frail and timid as she appeared and what other secrets she might carry, though it is unlikely her hapless knight ever will.


Perceived background:
Jacklyn Ashford is the sixth daughter and ninth child in a group of ten siblings something which seems to have shaped her personality, as she was always in a sense neglected and yet has a very strong sense of place and family. She grew up in Ashford and spent the majority of her life there as the War cut short any dreams of living with cousins or at court. She does however seem to have travelled a little, visiting various tournaments and houses in her mother’s endless quest to see all her many daughters safely married.


Past interaction:
The Bywater’s meet Lady Jacklyn Ashford on several during the spring of AC 288 though most of the interaction has been between her and Ser Braedon. Their first meeting was on the road to Highgarden where the young Bywater’s entertained the lady with conversation. They later meet her at the various feasts and at the Tourney of Highgarden where she granted ser Braedon her charm and encouraging cheers. She also danced with him during the victory feast, almost only him in fact, and proved to be an excellent dancer. It quickly became clear that she was quite taken with Ser Braedon, though they hardly talked much, and though it was mostly interrupted by the disastrous events there they also spent some time together during the market day at Market Town.

They got ample time to meet however during the Tournament of the Brothers, which the Ashfords attended, and for the first time she and Braedon got a little more time together. In particular their morning stroll along the walls on the second day and their little tryst during the hunt gave them a chance to spend time alone together. Perhaps not surprisingly she seemed pleased when Ser Braedon asked for her hand in marriage, something which both families also agreed to. As such, she is now betrothed to marry Ser Braedon Bywater.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, she seems to find pleasing company though perhaps a little boring.
Braedon, she seems to genuinely adore, both for his demeanour and skills at arms.
Duncan, she has not meet.
Thorben, she has not talked too.
Vermillion, what she feels on him remains unknown.

[Ashford] Jacklyn Ashford

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