[Bywater] Lady Elana (Chester) Bywater

Lady-wife of Bywater, Younger Sister, Mother and Aunt


In her youth lady Elana Bywater was widely renown for her beauty throughout the Reach and though now in her thirty-seventh year lady Elana is still a striking beauty. She is not as tall as her sister, but her womanly qualities are more pronounced and she has a delicacy to her the envy of many a young maid. Though now a tad more plump than in her heydays she is still well-shaped, slender of limb and with an easy grace about her that seems almost girlish. Indeed, it is as if her years has only matured, not diminished, her beauty and the gentle dignity that age has leant her still unblemished features are most becoming. So too is her hair, long and falling in jet black tresses down past her shoulders, shimmering with all the silver of a waterfall when caught by starlight or moonlight. Elana is most fond of her hair and cares well for it, often tying it up or embellishing it with glided hairnets, silvered threads or scattered pearls. The long black hair frames a sharp face of clean, clear-cut features. Her jaw is pronounced, some would say stubborn, her nose more perked then sharp, and her mouth endowed with soft, expressionate lips. Indeed she often has a small smile playing across her lips, a haunting and slightly mysterious expression which has won her many a suitor, not least of them her husband. And then her eyes, eyes which Maelys once declared are bluer then the sea, clear like the summer sky and striking like pure burning sapphires. What really sets them apart however are their liveliness and the soft spark of laughter which seems to constantly vax and vane in them.

Perhaps not surprisingly lady Elana spends much time on her clothing, being a most accomplished seamstress, far more so than her sister. She preferring pronounced designs in black and green, with black naturally as the dominant colour and often embellished with patterns in rich gold and silver, in particular flowing dresses with all the finery and embellishments that high fashion demands. Though when not for occasion she usually dresses far simpler, keeping to hand made dresses in simple dual colour patterns. In addition to hair adornments, of which she has many, she also seem to cherish a particular brooch set with blue and red stones above all her other possessions, usually keeping it on her at all times.

Much like her sister Elana is a lively and fairly cheerful person, though unlike her sister she has a much subtler disposition and knows well how to play the game of lords and ladies. She isn’t as much sly as well educated and experienced, a master of making praise sound sweet and the smallest insult sting. Indeed, where her sister prefer quiet days with the family Elana is and has always been perfectly at home on the social stage, equally adept at playing the polite guest or the helpful host. She delights at such opportunities and most would agree she is at her most splendid when gracefully making her way through a court, for she is at heart a warm and energetic personality.

That said she is, undoubtedly, a little arrogant and vain, though perhaps not beyond what beauty such as hers naturally bring, and her temper can be dangerously fierce. Indeed, all the children of Bywater knew to fear her in their younger years, for while kind and loving her anger could be terrifying indeed. As Elana is also a fairly strict personality, with a fierce sense of moral, she could at times be a difficult mother and can still be fairly harsh when confronted with those she considers to have broken these moral codes. Despite these flaws however the years has tempered her arrogance and vanity with a great deal of knowledge as well as a deep if not particularly pronounced or fierce faith. Far more than her sister however she is a driven and hardworking personality, dedicated to her family and friends first.


Elana Bywater, the mother of Breadon, was born in 250 AC on the windblown island of Greenshield as the second of in total four Chester siblings to grow up. She was in fact born at sea, as her mother was on her way home to Greenshield, and has always since liked ships and sailing in general. Growing up she was far closer to her younger brother then her other sisters, a friendship she still cherishes, and like him she took far more to the teachings of both maester and faith then her older sibling.
Always a beauty since childhood she was very much her father’s darling girl and as her siblings can confess to more than a little spoiled, though her relationship with her mother was oft-times tense. As she blossomed into youth she grew into one of the most renown beauties in the Reach during her days, so much so that she was invited to the court of Aerys II during her fifteenth year as it was well known the king liked to fill his courts with the young flowers of his realm. Dazzled by the grandeur and splendour of courtly life Elana still remembers the time with fondness, though she was constantly under the watchful eye of her mother.

Returning less than a year later from King’s Landing she fell madly in love with her dream knight, Maelys Bywater, during a tourney in the Westerlands and got him too, though perhaps not in the way her father had wished for. The story is told by many tellers of tall tales, but the only real reoccurring fact is the mentioning of a meeting in a certain Godswood. After their marriage Elana and her Maelys has lived in comparative bliss in Castle Waterdeep, aiding their siblings in the rule of Bywater. The only thing that has in any way marred the relationship between Maelys and Elana is his bastard, who arrived at the castle shortly after their marriage, and this has been a sore topic ever since. In the family she is her sister’s shadow, the two of them de facto sharing the responsibility of lady of the house and in many ways Elana takes to the task with far more vigour and determination than her quieter sister. Lord Daeron has always treated her with much tact and no small measure of respect, recognizing both her diligence and stubborn determination as well as her skills. Elana was also immensely fond of young Aemon Bywater, treating him almost as a little brother, and after the Bywater brothers she is perhaps the one who grieves for him the most.

Recent Events:
Though perhaps a tad reluctantly Elana has watched her children grow and strike out on their own, both finding their place with which she seems content. She has however been a proponent of her son marrying, possibly before some accident were to occur, and she played no small role in his recent courtship of the lady Jacklyn Ashford. She also travelled with the young Bywaters to Market Town and partook in the calamities there, helping them as best she could especially in handling the lady Cowden. Later was also present during the Tournament at the Bywater Greens were her son, much to her satisfaction, finally secured himself an acceptable match.

Of late she has also been much troubled by the return of Maelys’ bastard, a fact she would likely not have accepted if Daeron gave her any say on the matter. As he did not however she has found herself in a difficult position and rarely even bother to conceal her loathing for the young man.

Alain, she treats almost like her own child and especially seems to enjoy his wit and serious demeanour. Indeed, of late she has even come to respect his competence in these regards, especially after the events of Market Town.
Braedon, she loves like only a mother can, though she at times lament his naive ways.
Duncan, she cares little for though she pays him little mind.
Thorben, is a man whose company see appears to honestly enjoy and she displays great interest in the knowledge he holds.
Vermillion, she treats with a barely constrained loathing and disgust which betrays much deeper feelings of genuine dislike which borders upon hate.

[Bywater] Lady Elana (Chester) Bywater

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