[Cowden] Lord Gwayne Cowden

Lord of Acklam, The Young Lord


Lord Gwayne, a boy of 16, is small for his age and appears soft, quite unlike his younger brother. His body is thin and though well-made there is something vaguely sickly about his complexion and even limbs. It is also painfully obvious that, despite him carrying a sword, the young lord is no fighter. He is not foul to look upon however, rather just seemingly too young and delicate, and his soft yet noble bearing, short well-kept flaxen hair and large brown doe-eyes can make many a young maid’s heart flutter. As one would expect from a youth in his position he wears finely tailored clothing, favouring colourful and elaborate patterns, though due to his house’s financial status most of them are not of as good material as he might wish.

He has an easy and likable way about him, though again somewhat reminiscent of a boy a few years younger, and a kindness that does him credit. Some might mistake his kindness for weakness, but the smallfolk adores him for it. Long pampered by a caring and overprotective, but well-educated, mother he has been trained extensively in the finer arts of refined conversation and courtly interaction and play the role of lord with great skill.


Lord Gwayne played an active, though admittedly naïve and ineffective, role during the predicaments at Market Town. Despite having been indisposed of for much of the night his men was the aggravating party who brought things to a head. Later he partook in the Battle of Rushside.
He also won himself some acclaim and distinction when he partook and eventually won the Archery Competition during the Tournament of the Bywater Greens.

[Cowden] Lord Gwayne Cowden

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