[Goldleaf] Mace Flowers

Bastard of Goldleaf, Goldflower, Younger Brother


Much like his older brother Mace Flowers, age two and twenty, is no beauty but unlike his older brother he is still quite the attractive person, in his own slightly plump way. Indeed, most would call him pleasantly plump, for it suits his features, round and soft though they may be. His nose is especially prominent, large, fleshy and quite red, underlined by a slightly curled moustache. His hair is so dark brown it almost borders on black, kept short though with noticeable sideburns. Perhaps most appealing of all however are his eyes, large blue and trusting like those of once favourite dog. A warrior however Mace is not, being plump, short and ungainly of stature. He prefers ornate clothing, often quite fashionable, in a style reminiscent of a wealthy noble of the great cities. Though mainly in red, gold and blue, the house colours which he shamelessly use, his clothing seems to change several times a day, though meticulously cared for and selected, and he has also made it a habit of almost always wearing a feathered hat.

Mace Flowers also almost the polar opposite of his brother, kind, jovial and likable to most he meets. He is well mannered, always aware of his own and other’s station, and seem to go to great pains in order to correctly address and converse his betters. He is quick to smile, a very winning one at that, and his only obvious flaw is certain meekness and a tendency to avoid confrontations if he can.


The Bywater’s had a short brush with the Goldleaf bastards just as they entered Market Town. Indeed they were there to “welcome” them. The conversation quickly turned into more of a debate and though Mace tried his best to be polite and careful. He voiced a worry that house Cowden was attacking their land. Despite the thinly veiled threats that ended the discussion he seemed to take it with good grace.

[Goldleaf] Mace Flowers

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