[Bywater] Ser Matrim Morr

Knight in the service of House Bywater


The youngest of lord Andron Morr’s children is ser Matrim Morr, age 21. He is a tall man, standing more than a head taller than any other member of his family. He has the gray eyes and coal black hair of his father, which he usually keeps at shoulderlength, but most of his othe features seem to come from his mother. His facial features are handsome, and he has the same elegant lines as his mother, though much more masculine. He is usually clean shaven, and takes extraordinary good care of his personal hygiene. The only trait that leaves him short of beautiful is his chin, which is someaht too narrow. He is moves with grace and speed, and has an aura of menace about him. He is perfectly capable of dressing for the occasion, beaing just as comfortable in roughspun travelling clothes as he is in silk coats. In contrast to other members of his house, Matrim wears his house colours prominently, favouring clothes in cream white with lime green details, often with a green half-cloak held in place with a brooch showing a cluster of five green grapes on a white field, his personal coat of arms.

Matrim is a very serious and driven young man. He has the piety common for many Morrs, which has made him stand out a bit in castle Waterdeep. He is extremely critical of himself and of others, and everyone in Waredeep, except for the members of house Bywater and some of the noble born members of the Griffons, has felt the sting of his tongue. This, together with his sinister appearance and serious demenour, has left him with very few friends among the Griffons. His only true friend is Aeron Bywater, the heir to Waterdeep. They have been friends since childhood, and Matrim truly cherishes this friendship. Many find Matrim to be arrogant and haughty, and most of he serving folk of the castle go out of their way to avoid him as much as possible. To the nobles he is also seen as somewhat ambitious

Matrim’s biggest flaw is women and alcohol, especially when combined. Many a morning Matrim has awoken to find himself sharing the bed with one of the whores at the Scarlet House, without any recollection on how he ended up there, or so he claims, at least.


Matrim had an interesting childhood. He was doted upon by his mother, and mostly ignored by his father, except when he wanted to punish his mother for an argument they had had. Because of his mother’s fealings towards the other Morr children, and because she was overprotecting him, he never got really close to any of his siblings, and thus he was lonely and scared for much of his first years. He found solace in the teachings of the septons, as it was the only place where he could find peace.

At the age of seven he was sent to Castle Waterdeep to be fostered there. This was the result of years of planning from his father, though for what purpose is hard to say. Perhaps it was just to get closer to the most powerful house at the time, or perhaps, as some servants in Ashcombe say, to spite his wife and rob her of her only child. The first days at Waterdeep was hard for Matrim. He found the people strange, and found it very hard to connect with any of them, until one day he explored the ruins of the old castle with Aeron and Braedon. Here he finally had someone his own age to be with, and though he would always be a private person, he steadily started to loosen up.

At the age of twelve he became the squire to ser Maelys Bywater. By this time he had grown tall and lanky, and showed great aptitude with a sword. He proved a good and capable squire, and three years later, he saw fighting for the first time during the War of the Usurper, at both Ashford and Queensbury. It was during the storming of Queensbury that he killed his first man, a young soldier in the livery of house Dannet. Unlike Aeron and Braedon, Matrim was not knighted until a year after the war, because Matrim had declined to go with Braedon to rescue the young Alain Bywater from the men sworn to Ned Stark, an event that drove a wedge between their friendship.

Since he was knighted Matrim has sworn his sword to house Bywater, and is currently serving in the Griffons. He has over the last year grown more sullen and distant, and as Aeron has spent most of his time at the Shield Islands, Matrim has been very lonely. With many positions given to what Matrim calls “lesser” knights he is considering that it might be time for him to go somewhere else. So far it is only his friendship with Aeron and his respect for the Bywaters that holds him, and only the future will tell what he will do about his situation.

[Bywater] Ser Matrim Morr

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