[Goldleaf] Ser Meren Flower

Bastard of Goldleaf, Goldflower, Older Brother


Ser Meren Flowers, a man in his twenty fourth year, has been called many things in his life, but never pretty. In fact he is quite often called ugly and he is, his features dominated by a large pug nose and lips that are far too broad. A golden brown beard, though neatly kept, does little to improve upon these features as it makes him look a good bit older than he is. His eyes are in fact a beautiful tint of clear blue, but their beauty are hidden under a pair of heavy bushy brows and are too far apart. There is also a certain hardness to them, firm and uncompromising, and this quality, cold and unfriendly, leaves him with an almost perpetual menacing glare. Added to Meren’s already unfavourable features are several marks of physical violence, mainly a scar down his brow and two visible breaks to his nose. Luckily for Meren he was at least blessed with a rough physique, well-built and broad-shouldered as well as standing a good bit above your average man. He fits well into all sorts of leather hauberks and more rugged huntsman’s clothing, which he favours, as well as his cloak which emphasises his wide shoulderline.

Anyone who encounters him quickly realize that Meren Flowers is not a soft man and nor a man of words, he prefer direct action and seems no stranger to violence. His temper does indeed seem to be quite foul and indeed his default demeanour appears to be an angry glare.


The Bywater’s had a short brush with the Goldleaf bastards just as they entered Market Town. Indeed they were there to “welcome” them. The conversation quickly turned into more of a debate and Meren came across as uncourt and blunt. He also seems to have taken great offense with a certain Hill.
Of his background they know next to nothing.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Vermillion, he seemed rather furious at.

[Goldleaf] Ser Meren Flower

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