[Cowden] Myriah Cowden

Lady of Stagcrown, Lady-Mother of Lord Cowden


Lady Myriah Cowden, now age 34, was once comely enough, but three pregnancies, more than 15 years of hearty eating and five years of mourning has left her plump and ungainly though by no means unseemly so. She has half long hair in a deep brown tone that she usually keeps artfully braided and a pleasant motherly face dominated by a wide lipped mouth. Though fleshy her smile is winning and her brown eyes large and doe-like, both features which once won her lord husband’s affection. A woman of substance and presence she wears flowing wide garments that would perhaps have suited a slimmer woman better, and insist on almost daily wearing a heavy gilded waistbelt traditionally carried by the Lady of Stagscrown Tower.

Lady Myriah has many admirable qualities, foremost amongst which is her steadfast love of her sons, a large dose of almost motherly kindness which most that she befriends benefits from and a protective disposition towards those she consider dear to her. She is also incredibly industrious and hardworking, seemingly with almost endless stores of energy for looking after her duties. Her worst traits are undoubtedly her haughtiness, refusal to compromise, a habit of being condecending and a tendency to take the faintest hint of a slight as a grave insult.


Lady Cowden has not really been encountered before the Market Day at Market Town. Here she has been sharing an inn with them and has shown herself to be a strong if somewhat difficult woman to be around. She also seems to have a fierce dislike of the Goldleaf brothers.

[Cowden] Myriah Cowden

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