[Wallon] Ragard Wallon

Heir to Cocklesgrove Keep, The Younger, Young Cockrel


The younger of the two Ragard Wallons, age 18, is very much the spitting imagine of his father meaning that he is a fairly handsome man. Chestnut brown that almost seems flaming in sharp sunlight curls frame a strong masculine face and he keeps a well-kept bread of which he is most proud. His eyes are a hazy grey colour, though quick and lively. He is muscular, though by no means a giant, and just by looking one can quickly tell that he is of quite the athletic disposition. This is further evidenced by his tendency to wear simple hunting grabs in the colours of his house, purple and silver, or similar easy clothing while he mostly avoids excessive fineries.
Somewhat unlike his father however Ragard is a man of rather few words and prefers to act rather than talk. He is by no means an introvert and is more than capable of holding a pleasant discussion going, but he will rather listen than talk if possible. He has certain brashness about him however, a flaming temper if triggered, and is very much a young man both of words and of actions.


The Bywaters meet with Ragard Wallon during the Kings Tournament at Highgarden and he became their fairly constant spectator/drinking partner during this event. Unhorsed by a Redwyne during the first pass he didn’t participate much in the tourney, which seemed to upset him only slightly, and instead spent his time on the stands and by the tents socializing and drinking. He didn’t reveal much about himself beyond seeming like a solid, dependable and friendly man with an easy smile and an eye for fine women.

Disposition/percieved disposition information:
Danced with Ivy Tullison amongst others during the Feast of Champions.
He especially got along with the two young Bywaters as well as Dunstan Tullison.
Unknown if he has an eye for anyone in particular.

[Wallon] Ragard Wallon

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