[Septel] Lord Robert Septel

Lord of Del, Defender of the Faith in the Cockelsvale


Lord Septel, now in his nine and twentieth year, is not what one would call an attractive man, as a matter of fact he is rather far from that lofty title. He is a man of meagre height, around 1.76 m, yet has a girth any boar worthy, solid meaty limbs and at least two (if not three) soft fleshy chins. Altogether he makes a very round and inept figure, not aided by his oddly wobbling gait. His only winning quality is his deep blue eyes, like the depths of the river, though they always seem a little watery and are set below a pair of very heavy and fiercely red eyebrows. The hair, of which there is but a long-kept tonsure and a few scattered strands left, is similarly fiercely red in colour and so is the little lip moustache he keeps over his fairly small mouth.
Though very far from a good looking man Robert Septel do know how to dress himself, preferring wide yet finely tailored garments proper for a man of his station. In particular he seems to favour wide robes, often trimmed with beautiful furs, in deep, warm brown colours, often over deep tones of orange detailed with silver.

Lord Septel is a fairly amiable man, though perhaps a little on the haughty side, and makes for good conversation, though he seem to prefer talking to listening. There is nothing bad to say about his temper nor of his behaviour, though he is quite obviously a glutton with a sense of the pleasures of life, mainly food and comfortable surroundings. He does at times have a slightly gruff tone to him however and seems to quickly avoid subjects with which he is not comfortable.


The three sers meet him at the Inn of the Griffon on the Rock where they joined him in the shared baths.

[Septel] Lord Robert Septel

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