[Cowden] Steffon Cowden

Second son of late Lord Cowden, Squire, Ser Pug


Steffon Cowden is a youth aged 15 with a broad pug-like face, deep set dark brown eyes and half long sand-blond hair. There is nothing much beautiful about him but his firm jaw and broad nose lends his otherwise heavy face a steadfast strength. He is of average height but very broad and very strong for his age, easily one of the strongest men of Waterdeep Castle. Still not quite done growing he has the potential for growing into a massive man, indeed he already is large enough to make some of the more seasoned warriors around him feel small. Steffon carries his head tall however, especially when accompanying his Ser and wears the livery of his house proudly, white and green split with a stag rampant and a bundle of arrows. Indeed the young man seem to enjoy wearing a squires livery or even simple hunting clothing, appearing both clumsy and ungainly when dressed in finery. His weapon of choice is a sturdy Morning Star or Mace, a weapon that favour his strength rather than his lack of finesse.

Steffon Cowden is a loyal and single-minded young man who, despite being a little slow with things, can be trusted to see them through and with the uttermost devotion. While not the most cheerful of people he isn’t gloomy either and seem to enjoy especially the company of the younger Bywaters. He is however a very silent young man, preferring not to speak and usually answering short. Coupled with a certain slowness when it comes to reaching conclusions he is sometimes mistaken for a dimwit. Despite these failings however Steffon certainly isn’t a stupid boy and is growing up to be a fine warrior.

He is commonly called “Ser Pug” by older soldiers of Waterdeep castle.


Steffon is the young squire of Maelys Bywater a boy whose life has been quite turbulent. Only nine when the war started he found war brought to his home as men of Lord “Madleaf” raided the lands of the Cowden though both were in theory sworn to lord Mace. Steffon saw dead men brought home, their widows wailing and children crying, and it touched him. Though he was never the bravest of boys nor the most daring he resolved that one day he would be the one that protected others instead of the one being protected. His father approved of it when he heard it, and had already laid planes for his young son when he met his fate. How he died is to this day unclear, some claim he must have been poisoned, others a foul illness while some said it was an accident. Steffon was crushed, much like his brother, but eventually got past it though mentioning of his father still brings water to his eyes.

Disposition/Percieved Disposition:
Alain, has always been a little distant to the younger squire and while he doesn’t dislike him they don’t interact much.
Braedon, he seem to respect and perhaps even emulate to a certain extent.
Duncan, he hardly interacts with, seeing nothing but another soldier.
Thorben, he isn’t particular fond off it may seem, though he is an industrious and skilled student.
Vermillion, he has no real opinion on.

[Cowden] Steffon Cowden

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