[Wyl] Tygor Wyl

Formerly Bryan Telson, Dornish Noble


Tygor is a young man, in his 22nd year, with an earnest face, a thin sinewy body and intense dark brown eyes that are as quick to a smile as they are to flaming anger. Black hair cascade in light curls down to his shoulders and frames a thin, finely chiselled face with a prominent hawkish nose. He is quite the handsome man and his smile has a pleasant wryness to it, as if he can see a joke in everything. He isn’t exactly tall, but thin and lean with well-shaped limbs and a soft bronzed complexion coursed by years under the harsh dornish sun. He doesn’t at first appear the accustomed warrior, but anyone who sees him move in a fight can instantly tell that he is a skilled swordsman. His slight outlandish look is further compounded by his predominantly dornish clothing, though of a handsome cut. He seems to prefer practical and wide clothing in deep grey-green with yellow-golden details and often a wide travellers cloak over his shoulders.

Much like his eyes are quick and easily change so is Tygor’s temper a very dynamic thing. For the most part he is an easy going young man, ever jesting and joking, but whenever something is important to him he turns grave and serious, at times comically so. He has, with his carefully orchestrated charade as Brian Telson, proven that he is capable of some deception and is by no means a shallow as many of his drinking buddies might think him.


The young Bywaters and company learned to know Tygor Wyl under the name Bryan Telson at the tournament at Highgarden. He spent much time talking and drinking with them, forming a good bond, and even rode against Aeron Bywater. He also participated in their little hunt for the Fox Knight. Once he regained his families stolen heirloom and the dramatic last events of the tournament played out he also revealed his true identity to the Bywaters, perhaps to their shock.
He seems to be utterly smitten by Iris Dannett even when she was playing the role of a common whore.

[Wyl] Tygor Wyl

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