[Wallon] Lord Ragard Wallon

The Elder, Lord of Cocklesgrove Keep, Noisy Neighbour


The oldest of the two Ragard Wallons, Lord Wallon is 38 years old and still both vigorous and fairly handsome all things considered. His hair, which he keeps fairly short, is a fierce chestnut brown, much like his children, and he also wears a short trimmed and neatly kept beard which he seem to enjoy stroking. The features underneath, ever so reminiscent of his oldest son and daughter, are strong but not hard, and his ears in particular stands out a little. Deep hazy-grey eyes give the face depth, though they seem far deeper and calmer than those of his son. As far as physique goes Lord Wallon is not what one would call a prodigy, his belly especially having attained a pleasant bulge, but nor is he in particularly bad shape, of middling height and with broad shoulders.
When clothing is concerned he seems to prefer the garments of a lord, mostly in the purple and silver of his house, and especially wide sleeves seems to be to his liking. He does however also often dress in simpler cloth, often with a cape as he travels.

Where personality is concerned the elder Ragard is a man of many and intricate words, being both a good speaker and a decent listener. He does however have a bad habit of speaking very fast, often without explaining everything in detail, and thus comes off a little clumsy and somewhat blabbering. Furthermore his calm friendliness and slight awkwardness makes him an easy person to be around, both friendly and endearing.


The Bywaters meet with the elder Ragard Wallon twice during their time at Highgarden, during both the welcoming feat and victory celebration. He spoke with them but briefly, blundering slightly and bothering mainly Maester Thorben with details concerning the Midway Rushes border dispute the two houses have been engaged in for some time (indeed, as long as anyone can be bothered to remember). No real progress was made on the issue.
Furthermore, after Vermillion’s VERY thorough interrogation a whore at the Maiden’s House, he found that Ragard the elder had visited the town at least 3 days prior to the Bywaters arrival.

[Wallon] Lord Ragard Wallon

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