[Wynd] Rechildess Vyrwel

Aunt to Lady Wynd, Lady of Dragon Tower, "the Vyrwelwynd", "Dess"


Rechildess Vyrwel (Wynd) is still an attractive women despite being in her thirty-ninth year and though she doesn’t look particularly youthful she has all the charms and graces of a mature woman. Her skin is still as fair and smooth as ever with a lingering pale silken quality, and her limbs are well shaped and fine. She is surprisingly tall for a woman, in a way lesser men would find intimidating, with an ample yet not unpleasant figure and a very full bust. Her movements and bearing, while once the graceful gait of youth, is now something altogether more sensual. Indeed she has an air about her of dominance and barely supressed sensuality which, while perhaps not to the liking of the septons, certainly makes her desired company amongst men, baseborn and noble alike. Her face is fairly small and pleasantly rounded, dominated by a pair of clear eyes in a startlingly sharp shade of amber that borders on yellow. They are lively eyes, quick and curious, and with a delightfully devious hint of playfulness in their depths. It is a quality that makes her face seem open and friendly, yet one which could quickly turn dangerous as playfulness turns to cruel callousness. These peculiar eyes sits over a slightly perked nose and a small mouth most men would find sensual. The lips full and soft. Her hair is flaming red, fierce and thick, and when she lets it hang freely it easily would reach past her shoulders. Rechildess’ hair is for the most part kept up in some artful braid however.

As befitting one with the grace and self-assuredness of a queen Rechildess Wynd garbs herself in extravagant and ostentatious designs, clothing which most would think beyond the meagre means of house Wynd. As a Vyrwel her garbs are most often in a smoky shade of black, favouring in particular the soft satin of distant Myr, though inlaid with finely sown ornaments made from thread-of-gold and often interspaced by the white of house Wynd. Much to the chagrin of her husband Rechildess is want to leave her shoulders bare and wear heavy décolletage which emphasize her ample bust. She is a woman seemingly fond of jewellery, though appears to prefer the light, elegant sort over heavy belts or hangings. In particular she is oft seen wearing a spider-weave thin necklace of patterned gold-thread, set with a string of brilliant white pearls which greatly contrasts her many darker dresses.

Rechildess Vyrwel is most pleasant company, self-assured, confident and charming she makes the natural centre of any gathering. She makes easy and good conversation, generous with both smiles and flirts, yet retaining an air of dignity and importance. Indeed she seems a natural host, with the ability to remain both sincere and at the same time ever-present. It would not be altogether wrong to label her a flirt, for she seems very much at ease around men and when the situation permits she is given to enticing compliments and half-joked advances. To add further to her charms she is clearly an intelligent and well-schooled woman, and though not particularly interested by scholarly pursuits she appears able to converse on most civilized topics. As the events of Wolvesglen made clear she is also a woman of no small ambition and cunning, with the ability to act quickly and decisively should the situation demand she do as such.

That said however Lady Vyrwel’s temper is, as Alain experienced first-hand, as fiery as her hair. Her passion seems to easily get the better of her and when provoked she her mood can change explosively. These her passions can make her act more rashly than is perhaps in her best interest, though for the most part her decisiveness has served her well so far. Further she is clearly an extremely ambitious and appears altogether scrupulous. So much so in fact that she does not shy away from murdering those who stands in her way, should she be able to get away with it. Both her dress and manners also suggests that she is a wanton woman, given over to her own ambitions and passions with little regard for the piety or righteousness of her course.


Perceived background:
Rechildess Vyrwel was born at Wolfsglen in 249 AC as spring crept back into the valley of the Cockelswent. She was the first of the three children of Lord Torrhen Wynd and grew up in the peaceful years of Aegon the Unlikely. Little is known by our intrepid Cockerels of her childhood and youth, though Ser Maelys once commented that a finer fox he had never seen this side of the Mander, nor a slyer one. It is known that she married early to Ser Robert Vyrwel in a match arranged by her father, in 266 AC, and later bore him three healthy children.

That aside she appears to have lived a mostly unassuming life, though before the War she was known as an excellent guest throughout the Cockelsvale. It was also during that tumultuous time of the War of the Usurper that she is said to have saved her poor niece from the maddened rage of her unhinged father.

Recent Events:
Rechildess exchanged a few words with the three sers on the road in 287 AC. Later, during the events of the Escape from the Two Towers she played an altogether more active role. It appeared that as the young Cockerels arrived she was in the process to sealing a deal with Lord Logane which, though unclear, seemed to set up a marriage between her son Wylham and lady Sansa Wynd. Caught in a vicious intrigue with her sister, which she handily outmanoeuvred, she underestimated the impudence of Sansa Wynd and the young Cockerels, who escaped from her net. She is left the master of Wolfsglen, in full control of the garrison there, yet who knows how she will react to the escape and marriage plans of her niece.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, Rechildess and Alain seems to have hit off for a bad start and by the end of their visit to Wolfsglen it seemed clear she disliked the young man and his lack of manners.

[Wynd] Rechildess Vyrwel

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