Extended Holdings

On Wealth Holdings
The Wealth Holdings system from the SIFRP core book, as well as those in this supplement, are a way of reflecting a source of prosperity within a given Domain. The presence of such a Holding reflects that the Domain produces enough of whatever the Holding covers to trade it far and wide. A Holding means there is an operation large enough to influence the Fortunes of the House in question.

Does this mean that a Mines Holding is the only way to have a mine in a given Domain? Not at all. Not having the Holding simply means that the operation isn’t big enough to actually do anything but contribute to the general, base-line prosperity of that Domain. Maybe there aren’t enough workers, the mine is almost played out or simply hasn’t been explored enough.

Don’t allow the existence of these Holdings to limit the details of your Domains. Just because you don’t have an Artisan: Smith doesn’t mean there isn’t a smith—it’s a rare settlement of any discernible size that doesn’t have several of those. Likewise, feel free to decide that your Domain raises horses, without necessarily purchasing the Horse Husbandry Holding; it just means that the operation is small enough to just break even, and most people outside the Domain aren’t even really aware of those herds.
Indeed, those kinds of details can help guide the future growth of a House’s Holdings in that Domain, and help shape narrative. An ambitious heir of the House may decide to focus on his House herds, trying to breed a fine pedigree herd of a size to really bring prosperity and fame to his House for their steeds.

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Extended Holdings

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