History of the Bywater, Seventh Brother

The Smallfolk likes to speak of the Days of the Seven Brothers, also known as the Tale of Seven Brothers, which I am sure you have heard from your nurse many a time. Seven brothers of the Andal crossed the Narrow Sea on the back of seven narrow ships, each carrying a thousand men and a single seed. This is a gross simplification of course, as certainly there must have been more than seven ships to carry so many men. The stories also claim that these seven landed much further south than the established landing of the main Andal host, which could perhaps indicate them drifting out of course. But the point remains that these seven lords of the Andals advanced westwards and did battle across the Stormlands and the Reach, driving the Old Men to beyond the Boneway in the south and the Mander in the west. The stories claim they found the Valley of the Cockleswent to their liking, similar perhaps to their ancestral lands, and in the valley they raised seven mighty castles. In truth of course these castles would have been motte-and-bailey castles, not at all the grand castles we witness today, but it would at least have been a foundation.

The important point about these stories however, for this lesson at any rate, is that one of these seven was the first lord to take the name Bywater, probably named after the settlement which my research shows is in fact older than the castle. The seventh brother it was, and all accounts and stories agree that he was but the half, or rather bastard, brother of the others. Yet they also all agree he was a man of wit and sense, for where his brothers raised castles to control the people or please the Seven he built his upon the rock of Tor-Moray or the Blacktor as the smallfolk calls it. This was an excellent location, as I am sure you realize, for not only did this make his keep near impregnable but it also gave him control of the river, the road and with those also the valley. The seventh brother thus built Waterdeep, not to rule the people, but to rule the Valley.

You will now write a text discussing the virtue of this approach.
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Part of a lecture on the History of the Bywaters by Maester Edwynd

History of the Bywater, Seventh Brother

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