History of the Bywater, The Wars of Green and Gold

With the firm establishment of the Andals, and particularly house Bywater, in the Cocklesvale it was only a matter of time before their expansion would be renewed. The Blacktines to the east and Red Mountains to the south still held many strongholds of the First Men with their leering Weirwood, by many considered an affront to the Seven. The Bywaters in particular was always of a martial orientation, bringing the faith to the mountains with fire and iron. The Children of the Forest which lived in Durain’s Forest, at that time called Fellwood, was driven back and eventually slaughtered at their Weirwood grove later known as Fellgrove. This was the work of Malcolm Bywater, but he died to a poisoned dart and it was his son Darren Bywater who advanced into the land of the Elenions, then petty kings of the Blacktines. The ensuing wars, known variably as the Wars of Green and Gold or Wars of Rose and Rain, lasts for countless generations and some claim more than a thousand years as the Elenions were slowly driven out of their land and forced further into the mountains. Of particular note is the siege of the hillfort of Ferren’s Fall, by now Freefall in Smallfolk parlance, in which Lord Terryn “Hardheart” Bywater is said to have slain Ferren Elenion and his thirteen bastard sons born of his sin. Most likely Septry lies but Ferren is at least known to have fallen.

It was a long and extremely bloody war, for the First Men knew the mountains well, yet could not match the Andals in martial skills. Many acts of vengeance and revenge was also enacted on both sides. But within a few hundred years the Bywater’s controlled the entire range of the Blacktines as far as Tumblefield with the Seatons as their vassals. The Seatons were originally First Men of the mountains, but converted to the Faith of the Seven and aided the Bywaters against the Elenions in return for their own fief or ross as they called it of old. So it remained for thousands of years until the Wars started afresh as part of a larger War between the Gardners of the Reach and Storm King. The Elenions, having nurtured their wounds, rebuild and learn much from their new lord in the east, returned with a vengeance and drove out the Bywater forces from the mountains. It was only at the fields skirting the edge of the Fellwood that they were stopped by Durian Cockle in service to Bywater and his knights. Hence the forest’s name. The following years of war saw the Bywater counter-attack and regain the entire eastern bank of the river as well as invading the mountain several times. The most famous incident was the Second Siege of Ferren’s Fall, now rebuild into a mighty castle by Lord Robert Elenion which lasted for nearly three years before the fortress was relieved by a Stormlander army. It was named Stormspite in memory of this siege. Though besieged five times in the next hundred years the Wars of Green and Gold slowly petered out and in the reign of Lord Duncan Bywater “the Faithful” it was officially sealed when he married Lillian Elenion.

You will now write a treaty discussing the adverse effects of protracted War. And no Braedon, you may not draw knights.

Part of a lecture on the History of the Bywaters by Maester Edwynd

History of the Bywater, The Wars of Green and Gold

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