Market Town by the Cockleswent

Building_-_Market_Town_on_Market_Day.png Market Town is by all accounts an old town, founded upon the remains of an even older one, and it is very much marked by this fact. Situated atop the only major hill on the Lion’s Run and by a bend in the small river Sky’s Daughter were it runs down to meet the Cockleswent the town has an ideal location, the reason for its enduring presence. It’s basic structure is a rough square lined by an earth mound and a sturdy wooden palisade, complete with ramparts and a stone tower in each corner. There are also two gates, the Mayor’s Gate facing to the the Cocklesvale road and the Old Gate facing the river. The town can be divided into roughly three quarters, the Dockside, Old Town and New Town. The Dockside stretches from the quay by the river up the side of Dragonfire Hill to the Old Gate, easily the poorest quarters of town where several hovels and dirty little houses has been built on the muddy slope. The only few buildings of substance, mainly storage buildings, surrounds the Quays.

Old Town within the walls covers most of the summit of Dragonfire Hill itself and runs on a soft slope towards Market square which lies on a secondary and larger hilltop. This is the remnants of old Faith’s End, the ground and pavement still charred in places and a few of the surviving buildings showing signs of having burned. It has long since become a shunned part of town, inhabited by the poorer inhabitants of Market Town. This is perhaps partly due to the enduring legends of charred ghosts walking the streets or houses as night, searching for their loved once, but many also claim the Spring Plague has remained in the walls there. While mostly considered safe, even at night, it is not a place respectable people are seen walking.

New Town on the other hand, beyond the Market Square, is a far more vibrant and flourishing community, home to the majority of merchants, craftsmen and entrepreneurs who has brought the town its wealth. The streets are clean and cobbled, the buildings mostly one or two storey affairs of solid timber. Most all the cities important functions, and important people, can be found here.

New Town Street

Locations of Note:

Market Square and the Raven’s Pub: Upon the large dirt-floored plaza of the Market Square, the centre of the town, sits an old and worn statue surrounded by small flowerbeds. So worn and tarnished is the statue that none know who it is supposed to represent, the Griffon Knight or a Lord Renfield perhaps, but as it is mostly populated by local ravens it has earned the name Raven’s Pub.

Town Hall: The Town Hall lies facing the Market Square to its rear and rises as a large and fairly square stone building of three storeys with large decorated windows and an impressive gate, the building by far the largest in Market Town. It is both office and home of the town mayor.

Endra’s Sept: The towns second largest structure Endra’s Sept is fairly new for a sept, the Old Town sept having been mostly abandoned after the great plague. Having been beautified by the towns many rich patrons it is a boisterous affair of white marble, stained glass windows and beautiful statues.

The Maiden’s House: Laying just down the street from Endra’s Sept this brothel is the town’s only and a popular attraction. It is a grand two storey building, fairly silent in the week it comes alive during Market Days.

The Hencock: As the town’s most affluent and high end inn the Hencock is mostly used by travelling merchants of means as well as nobles who hire whole storeys. The tavern is mostly used by the rich and important people of the town.

Market Town by the Cockleswent

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