An Oncomming Storm

Alain's Journal

13th of the King’s Crown, 288AC

With everything that has been going in my life recently, I have decided to write down my recollections in this journal. The last couple of months have been the most terrifying, dangerous and exciting in my life so far, and if nothing else, it will make some interesting stories to tell the next generation of Bywaters.

My left arm has finally stopped aching constantly. It has now receded into a dull ache, and I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep, the first since Wolvesglen. When my mind wanders, I can still feel that foul hound’s jaws around my arm, ripping my flesh. I have suffered many wounds in the past months, many more than I ever imagined as a young boy, yet this is by far the ugliest. Maester Thorben has assured me that the wound will not be too visible, though I still fear that my days of wearing short sleeves are over, at least in cultured society.

Still, even though my wounds will heal, I fear that our actions at Wolvesglen will remain to haunt us for quite some time. Tonight we saw the first signs of this, as our pleasant dinner with lord Goodferry was interrupted by men from houses Logane and Wynd. The news that they are taking this to lord Tyrell is worrying, though not surprising. Hopefully, Lady Sansa’s testimony will be enough to persuade him of the righteousness of our cause, otherwise I fear that this might launch the Coklesvale into open war.

It has not been all doom and gloom lately, however. Today we participated in a hunt together with lord Goodferry, where also Robert and Jacklyn Ashford participated, much to Braedon’s joy I am sure. Also joining us were Dunstan and Ivy Tullison. It was as always a pleasure to spend more time with my good friend Dunstan. We even came first upon the mighty stag we were hunting, and with me injured it fell to Dunstan to strike the first blow. Unfortunately that blow was not enough, and Dunstan was gored by the beast. If not for the quick feet and strong arm of Braedon this might have ended badly for poor Dunstan. Thankfully, Braedon slew the stag in one blow.

I also spent some time with lady Ivy again. This is the first time I have spoken to her since my betrothal to Lillian, and though the knowledge that we can never be together pains me greatly, it was good to see her again. It seemed as though she bore no grudges towards me, and I hope that in time we will remain friends.

Tomorrow we will leave Saltstone early and see if we cannot get all the way to Cokleton in one day. It shall be good to see the walls of Waterdeep again. My only hope is that Elaena does not give me the same reception that father and mother gave me after the Flight from Wolvesglen.



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