[Elenion] Eren Elenion

Heir to Storm’s Spite, The Young Storm, “The Marked Wolf”


Eren Elenion is a marked man, in more ways than one. As a knight in his twenty-second year he looks very much the part, and though he isn’t particularly tall he is solidly built with the mix of grace and strength which often characterize a great swordsman. He has the gait and way of a man at home in the wild, one equally used to climbing ravines as he would be walking the busy street of a town. Eren’s face however is noble, sharp to the point of almost being a little gaunt with prominent chins and a strong jawline. The skin is a little tanned, as it would be when one spends time outside, and graced by the odd freckle. With his fairly small nose and thin lips Eren’s face would certainly have passed for handsome, beautiful even, had it not been for the severe scars marring his features. The first and most prominent runs from his temple, down across the ridge of his nose and cross his right eye to end near his jaw. It is an ugly thing, the mark of a wound which should by all rights have killed him. A smaller mark also runs across his lips, the mark the metal of his helmet made as a smith had to force it off for the maester to tend to him.
As a beholders gaze runs down the bitter scars they eventually reach his eyes, a pair of very odd and altogether rather frightening eyes. They are blue, very clear and in the tint of blue that reminds one of ice and snow, a kind of cold blueness that seems sharp and biting. Very few are comfortable holding his gaze for long, for there is both chill and sharpness in it, the kind of chill which touches once soul. Eren’s hair is a light brown colour like hay, allowed to grow long and wavy, to which he has added a short and not particularly well-kept beard. As far as clothing goes the young heir to Stormspite dresses well, blending his families’ deep green and black though he seems to prefer the former. His personal heraldry is a springing stag in silver with a single golden lightning bolt behind.

As far as personality goes Eren Elenion has, for the most part, appeared a pleasant and well-mannered man whose company most seem to find easy enough. He isn’t exactly boisterous however and rarely makes a fool of himself, preferring instead to take things slowly and calmly. His temper is explosive however and as Braedon learned first-hand it is matched by a fierce sense of justice and a tendency to carry grudges.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
The Bywaters encountered Eren first at the Tournament at Highgarden where he joined Alain and the other Young Cockerels in their misadventures at the Melee. Here however he encountered Braedon Bywater whom he defeated and, seemingly in a fit of rage, kicked rather a little too hard.
More recently he has come to the Brother tournament at castle Bywater.

[Elenion] Eren Elenion

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