[Bywater] Maester Thorben

Maester in service to House Bywater


Thorben (no last name given) is a not particularly tall, not particularly thin man in his thirties. He has been in the service of House Bywater since shortly after the end of “The War of the Usurper”, and has developed a good working relationship with his Lord and Master Daeron Bywater of Waterdeep.

In addition to his duties in the day to day business of House Bywater and the Waterdeep household, Thorben is responsible for the historical, political and administrative education of the young generation of Bywaters. Primarily the young Alain Bywater, but also from time to time Ser Braedon Bywater, and of late the bastard Vermillion Hill though Thorben has realized that he has to use a different approach with him.

Maester Thorben is impressed with Alain Bywaters aptitude and interest in his studies. Regarding the studies of Ser Braedon, Thorben accepts that his interests and skills lie elswwere, but he has not given up on instilling some intellectual progress in the young knight.

Little is known in Waterdeep about Thorben from before he joined the ranks of the Maesters. His official story is that since he renounced his past when he became a full Maester, whatever he might have been before, is irrelevant. Unknown to Maester Thorben, Lord Daeron Bywater has managed to dig up some information about his past. The Lord is certain that Maester Thorben is of noble birth and that he is from the Westerlands. He also suspects that the Maester is form an influential family, but not a Lannister family. Some of Lord Daerons sources claims that Thorben is from the most influential non-Lannister family in the Westerlands, and possibly a son of the ruler of this family.

[Bywater] Maester Thorben

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