[Bywater] Ser Aeron Bywater

Heir to Castle Waterdeep, Older Brother, "Griffon of Bywater"


Aeron Bywater of Waterdeep is a man of twenty one who, despite being heir to house Bywater, looks every inch the Chester man. Unlike his Bywater relatives he is not particularly tall, standing a little above one eighty, though he is certainly broad-shouldered and well built. His natural strength and stamina however more than makes up for his lack of reach, and long-axe in hand he is a fearsome opponent indeed. Aeron’s arms are a little on the long side, strong and firm, and he moves with the self-assured steps of a man who knows his own worth, both as a nobleman and as a warrior. His gait is distinctive however, with a slight sway to the shoulders, and if one look very closely his right leg is indeed a little longer than his left, though it cause him no particular trouble. Aeron has the black hair of his mother and for the most part he keeps it rather messy, forming a large mop of windblown curls falling down to a little behind his ears. He also carries a short cropped and well-kept beard which circles a thin mouth and further underlines his sharp, bony jawline. His nose is tall like his father’s, yet more pointed and seemingly softer, reminding one of Leonette’s nose. His cheeks and facial structure too resembles his mother, not soft yet a little gaunt with marked cheekbones and deep set eyes. These eyes seems indeed the only link to his father, yet it is a proof that none would dispute for Aeron has Daeron’s startlingly deep green, specked with faint hints of molten silver. The deep hazy green stands in stark contrast to his pitch-black hair and certainly draws one’s gaze, though most would agree it makes for a handsome combination. And unlike his father they are warm eyes, oft-times filled with sparkling warmth or laughter while his smiles comes often and readily, making his features but friendly and warm.

As a practical man more at home on horseback or a common inn than a lord’s gilded hall Aeron prefers the simple and practical whenever he can get away with it. Oft-times when in the service of house Chester or when traveling he wear but a common and well-worn, deep yellow tunic with a black leather jerking and simple black riding trousers, only really distinguishable as a nobleman by the rearing griffon in silver sewed over the heart. When occasion demands however he has a sizable selections of fine costumes, mostly in contrasting patterns of black, white and golden yellow. In particular he has several fine cloaks for noble hunts, laid out in the quartered arms of house Bywater with the notable addition of red to the rose’s petals which is Aeron’s personal blazon.
No matter their quality however Aeron is clearly a man not entirely at home in finery, seeming both uncomfortable and more than a little hapless when decked out in silvered embroideries. Rather it is when the trumpets call the jouster to the field that he is truly at home, for no man in Waterdeep looks more dashing fully armoured than does Aeron Bywater. His suit of full plate, crafted by the best smith the gold of Waterdeep could acquire, has been lacquered pitch black with decorations in gold and silver. Two griffons rampant in leaf-gold faces each other across the breastplate while the right shoulder has been wrought in the liking of a griffons head and the helmet itself is beaked with sweeping silvered wings run back along the cheeks.


While perhaps not as good looking as his brother, nor as tall and lordly as his father, Aeron has a quiet and charming demeanour that perhaps makes him easier to approach than both his brother and father. He has an easy and good-natured way about him, being quick to smile and appearing open to most whom he meet. He laughs often and frequently, rarely refuses a drink and partakes in most any contest of strength or skill, losing with a playful grin. He appears mostly calm and patient with those around him, something which the soldiers under his command especially appreciate. He is well-respected amongst them however, being both hard working and strict when about his duties, as well as resourceful enough to improvise should the situation require it. He often leads by example and does not shy away from partaking in the duties to which he assigns his men, traits that makes him a reliable and inspirational leader. Indeed Aeron seems to has the rare ability to make most people like him at first meeting without much effort and he is a stalwart friend for those whom he value, traits very much reminiscent of his mother.

Aeron is however a withdrawn and somewhat reserved man who still finds it hard to speak before crowds or important people, and one who prefers the company of his comrades to the gallant feasts of nobles. He dislikes intensely to be the centre of attention during social gathering, and can often come across as a little clumsy and simple at such time. Though the later is far from the truth, Aeron is not a great thinker by any stretch of the imagination, and while he has a good memory and an aptitude for understanding warfare the numbers of a ledger or the intricacies of politics does little but confuse and disinterest him. Furthermore, though few has seen that side of him, his temper once finally roused is terrible indeed and at such times he is prone to simple and rash solutions to problems perhaps best solved with tact and finesse. First and foremost is in the saddle he is at home, with a lance under arm or a longaxe in hand, a world where things are simple and the goal clear.


Ser Aeron Bywater the heir to castle Waterdeep, oldest son of lord Daeron and lady Leonette, was born on that joyous day in 267 AC which saw the lord’s two first children safely born into life. Second of a pair of twins he was from an early age everyone’s darling, strong, inquisitive and active. In particular his old grandfather, lord Alain, found great joy in the young boy and despite his gout he oft carried the young Aeron around the walls of Waterdeep castle. Also his fathers undisputed favourite he was showed more attention than any other of lord Daeron’s children throughout his childhood, yet the young Aeron was no more arrogant for it and was popular with both his siblings and cousins. In particular he and Braedon formed a strong bond, as close as trueborn brothers, and much of their childhood was spent training, exploring and playing together, often under the leadership of the notorious Vermillion Hill. In particular it is remembered when the young rascals tried to emulate the feat of Aeron “the Black Griff” by climbing the Blacktor, an adventure that would have cost them their life if not for Maelys’ quick wits.

He served with the Tyrells themselves as a page from age 9, his grandfather’s final wish and one of his father’s finer political achievements, serving under the late Ser Quentin Tyrell and befriending Willas Tyrell, Desmond Redwyne and Steffon Fossoway amongst other noticeable personalities. It was a very formative period for the young boy, and he came to deeply care for Ser Quentin who proved an excellent teacher whom Aeron served first as page and then as squire. Waging tongues also whisper that he became a man at Highgarden and fathered a son there with a woman he still cares for, supposedly the reason he remains unmarried, though Aeron merely chuckle at the notion. It was also his stay at Highgarden that fostered his strong and abiding love of the joust and tournaments in general, as he beheld and even participated in some the splendid jousts held by house Tyrell. The young Aeron aged 16 won his spurs at the battle of Ashford where he accounted for three enemy knights personally, one of them Ser Rambold Tarth, younger brother to the lord of Tarth, whose head his axe took from his shoulders.

As a full knight he marched with Mace’s forces to Storms End and participated in the long siege, though it was mostly uneventful except for the occasional foray. At the news of his uncles death and the defeat at the trident it was Aeron who joined his uncle Maelys in a journey north where they ransomed back the corpse so it could be carried back to the Cocklesvale. Of that black journey Aeron rarely speaks, but it seems to have affected him deeply. Since the war he has spent much of his time with the Chesters of Shield Island, his mother’s family, to further refine his abilities and be prepared for command. He serves his Uncle Moribald as Master of Arms, and seems content enough with the posting. Many have noted that he is as of yet unmarried, and as heir to an old and prestigious house many would say it should now be due time for such, but it still remains unclear what Lord Daeron plans for him are.

Recent Events:
Serving their uncle far away on the Shields the young Bywaters have seen little to ser Aeron in the past few years, aside from the occasional visit. They did however meet him during the tournament which took place at Highgarden in the closing months of 287 AC, an event that proved memorable in more than one way. Though he was unhorsed by Devan Lannister during the quarters the Bywaters got into worse trouble after being accused of murder. His younger brother’s sharp tongue however, as well as Braedon’s strong arm, saw them safely home. Since then they have heard little from him as he continued his work on the Shields.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, he values and loves as his little brother, though he still treats him very much as the younger brother.
Braedon, is one of his best and oldest friends.
Duncan, he hardly knows and what he feels about him is unknown.
Thorben, he also knows little of but respects him for his profession.
Vermillion, he has always seen as a good friend if not something of an older brother and a boyish idol. He values him.

[Bywater] Ser Aeron Bywater

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