[Bywater] Ser Braedon Bywater

First son of Maelys Bywater, Silverlocks, The Ram


Ser Braedon is the only son of Ser Maelys Bywater born in wedlock, and is currently serving as the Master of Arms at Castle Waterdeep. He is his fathers son, if a bit more serious and duty bound than his father was at his age. He has the tell-tale silver hair of the family, and was a handsome young man. Sadly he took an axe to the face in the war, and his features was diminished some. Some (or most) see the scar running across the side of his face as ruining his once-good looks, but braedon himself sees it as a token of his service to his house during the war, and has never hidden it from view, even if his smile is somewhat one-sided.

The war was an defining periode in Braedon’s life. He had just come of age, and had to fight for his house. And when his cousin and closest friend Alain was kidnapped by the enemy during the war, Braedon wasn’t going to let Alain stay captive untill politics found it possible to get him back. Braedon rode out alone, infiltrated the camp where Alain was held, and got his cousin out. Sentries and unavoidable guards were dispatched with silent fury.

After getting Alain back safely, Lord Daeronpraised him and awarded him a castleforged bastard sword as a reward and badge of honour. Said sword rarely leave his reach, and if it does it does Braedon’s discomfort is palpable on his face. Braedon’s deeds, and the praise he got, cemented his view that he has to be willing to sacrifice everything for the house, the task he was born to do.

He were also with the Griffons at the Battle of Ashford, where he took part in the last big victory over the rebels before the war was lost. This is where he got his marring scar.

When someone or something threatens the house, Braedon is one of the first to take up a weapon and scale the tall walls of Waterdeep Castle or ride out to meet the enemy, no matter the personal risk.

In times of peace, when he’s of duty, Braedon like the simple thing. Tournaments is a favourite, but so is drinking with friends, hunting with his brother, riding his horeses or walking the wall at Castle Waterdeep.

Braedon adores his brother, Vermillion, and is delighted that he has come home. He disregards that his brother is a bastard, even if most others don’t, and wants nothing more than to help his brother become tha man he once was.

[Bywater] Ser Braedon Bywater

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