[Bywater] Thomas Barrows

Captain of Bywater's Own, the Young Barrows


Though one would hardly think so of a man only twenty-seven years of age Captain Thomas Barrows is already a veteran of many battles, and while appearing young he does certainly look the part. Captain Barrows is a broad, solid man, of average stature and with notably long, lithe legs. He is quick on his feet, both an excellent runner and possessing a deadly footwork in more martial pursuits. His upper body is every inch the sturdy guardsman, with a stout torso, a neck like a bull and heavy arms well-used to wielding a blade. These things combine to make him a rightly feared foe in a duel and on the battlefield alike, for while not the heaviest nor strongest man at Waterdeep he is still one of the castle’s most doughty fighters, as well as possessing a stamina and resilience which has earned him the respect of many. This is perhaps part of the reason why he seems to carry himself with a certain, natural dignity, for though lowborn by birth Captain Thomas Barrows has a manner about him which makes men appear naturally inclined to follow him.

Further enhancing his appearance as a doughty soldier are his facial features, for while not foul per say he is far from a pretty man. Captain Barrows possess a fairly large slightly oval face dominated by a small, flat nose that has been visibly damaged. His skin is course and heavily tanned, marked by countless days upon the walls of Waterdeep both in rain and burning sun, though save for a notch below his left cheek he carries few obvious scars. The face is framed by a rich mane of hair, coloured a soft tone of chestnut brown and kept half long so to fall well past the ears. While still thick and lush his hairline has receded somewhat, giving him two pronounced Vs along the sides of his forehead. His rich beard does partly conceal this fact however, despite appearing somewhat unkempt and dishevelled. Much like his beard the overall impression of Captain Barrows face is one of unkemptness and roughness, giving the impression of a man who puts less stock on his appearance than more practical concerns. In keeping with his rough appearance he has a firm, rugged voice and his cool grey eyes appear a little heavy too. He seems to carry a perpetual haggard line below them, which only reinforces the impression of wear and tear.

In keeping with his station as Captain of the Bywater’s Own and in recognition of his valued position within the household Thomas Barrows’ apparel is for the most part well-made and of a respectable quality, if not exactly expensive. When not about his duties as a soldier of the castle he is mostly seen in simple but solid linen, always well kempt and sturdy, taking the form of various shirts, cotehardies and accompanying pantaloons. Though the colours do vary somewhat he mainly display earthy shades of browns and greens, as well as simple white. For his duties however he has been outfitted with gear as befitting a Captain, notably a heavily padded gambeson in a creamy yellow over which he wears a reinforced shirt of mail. Over this wargear he carries a heavy woollen cloak of fine make, expertly dyed a warm, vibrant shade of yellow to match the colours of house Bywater. Holding the cloak in place are two clasps which are the Captains pride and joy, finely wrought from bronze and inlaid with the image of a rearing griffon. Granted to him upon his promotion Thomas Barrows values these immensely, second only to the sturdy arming sword that he inherited from his father.

Much as his appearance and apparel suggests Captain Thomas Barrows of the Bywater’s Own is a career soldier of the competent kind, not only a survivor but a fighter. Through his years of service he has proven himself a brave man, readily putting his life on the line on his lords command, and having served the Bywaters since birth he has also proven his loyalty and dedication time and again. As a Captain he is well liked by the men under his charge, both for the care with which he attends his duties and the thoroughness with which he prepares them for their duties. He is most certainly a hardworking man, and though by no means a particularly sharp pen his head is good enough to keep track of all his men and their qualities. These qualities, together with a mostly pleasant mood makes Thomas Barrows an able leader of men, though certainly not without his flaws.
The most notable of these is his fondness for strong drink and wanton women, preferably in combination. A well-known face amongst the establishments of Bywater Captain Barrows has been carried home more than once, though so far he has never allowed these vices to get in the way of his work. Another trait which has won him little love is his uncompromising attitude towards mistakes and the ease with which he finds faults in those with whom he must cooperate. The latter is something which has left a particular sour tinge to his relationship with Commander Smallet of the Garrison.


Perceived background:
Born on a bright summers day in 261 AC to Sergeant Will Barrows, Thomas Barrows’ life would since early childhood be that of a soldier. His father was a soldier amongst the Bywater’s Own, as his father had been before him, and from early on young Thomas was given a wooden stick with which to imitate the guards she saw daily. His family lived near the Arrow’s Reach, in the northern part of Bywater town, and quickly the Castle which loomed above became an obsession to him. He was barely more than eight before he started running errands for the men of the Waterdeep garrison, and already aged twelve he started practising with the older recruits. Much to his father’s pride Thomas soon proved himself a doughty fighter, able with both the halberd and the crossbow, and on his fifteenth day he was taken in as a recruit amongst the men of Bywater’s Own. Since than he has fought several battles, everything from small skirmishes to the most memorable battles of his age, proving both a stout warrior and something of a survivor. He came to the lordships note during the Siege of Queensburry, were he successfully took command of his assault-group after Ser Yohn of the Griffons fell, and led the men over the wall as part of the storm. His actions brought relief to the remnants of the first assault, and thus proved crucial in breaking the defender’s momentum.

When latter in the same year, 283 AC, the position as Captain of the Bywater’s Own became vacant, Lord Daeron’s choice fell quite naturally upon the young Thomas Burrows. And thus Captain Thomas Barrows came to led the garrison of castle Waterdeep, a task he has taken to with both zeal and dedication. He has since his promotion proved an able commander and passable organiser, though certainly better with men than with ledgers. He remains unmarried, much to his aging father’s chagrin, though he does pay for the upkeep of four bastards which he has sired upon various wenches in Bywater or the surrounding region. Though it has made him the butt of many a joke Captain Barrows seems satisfied with the situation as is, and it appears that to him his station brings far more pleasure than marital bliss.

Recent Events:
Captain Barrows has been an important ally to the Young Cockerels in several of the events which so far has come to pass in AC 288. From Highgarden to Sherben he has proven a dedicated and dependable subordinate, lending his expertise and stout arm on more than one occasion. In particular he played an important role in rooting out to bandits which had set themselves up Windwood. During the fighting there he led his men in person and fought valiantly.

Disposition/Perceived Disposition:
Alain, with time it appears as if he has come to respect the youngest Bywater somewhat, for his discipline perhaps more than his competence.
Braedon, he has a solid working relationship with, though there is clearly distance between them.
Duncan, he works well with and respects, indeed he seems almost friendly.
Thorben, he has also grown to like and the two has a well-established working relationship.
Vermillion, it is unknown what he thinks, if anything, of Maelys’ bastard.

[Bywater] Thomas Barrows

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